School Store

By Taylor Hourigan

When walking down the lower hallway to the lunch room, students may notice a new development settled where a janitor’s store room used to be. If they choose to walk inside, they will find anything from candy to cookies to spirit wear–DECA’s school store is in full swing.

The store opened on October 22 after about two months of construction to advertisements on the School’s website and daily announcements.

Open all periods A days and B days except for eighth period, the store is operated by student volunteers who can receive extra credit for Mrs. Becker’s Level One and Two Marketing classes. Two such volunteers are junior Emily Vance and senior Teller Hoskins.

“We see about twenty-five people a day, usually,” Hoskins said. “Most people just walk by”

Spirit wear can be bought at the store, including Legend scarves, lanyards, hats, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Food, such as coffee, cookies, instant ramen noodles, pistachios, popcorn, tea, and even the only soda available for student purchase–Fresca–are also stocked for purchase.

“Our most popular item is probably the popcorn. I don’t think people really know exactly what we have in the store,” Vance said. “I think they’d be surprised if they walked in, actually.”

DECA Wolverine Competition

By Tara Higgins

Designed to test marketing knowledge and skills in real-life applications, the 2014 DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) Wolverine Invitational offered 40 students the opportunity to participate in a day of individual and team events at the Denver Tech Center Marriott Hotel on Oct. 24.

500 DECA members from Legend, Chaparral, Douglas County, Rock Canyon, Mountain Vista, and Arapahoe High Schools participated in this year’s invitational.

“This was the first competitive DECA event for [us] this year,” DECA adviser Mrs. Becker said.

The Wolverine Competition was modeled after DECA state competitions, according to senior Patrick Forsyth. Success in the event requires you to be able to model the professional business situations which are included in each role play.

“My favorite part was being able to compete with my friends, and getting to know the other students there,” Forsyth said.

Participants are assigned a subject, or role play, and must take the corresponding 100 question multiple-choice test. They are then given 20 minutes to prepare a plan, and 10 minutes to present before the judges.

With subjects in Principles of Marketing, Quick Serve Restaurant, Apparel and Accessories, Business Law and Ethics, and Hotel and Lodging Management, the Wolverine Competition features a variety of subjects catered to suit any participant’s strengths in marketing.

Attendees can work both individually and as a team in their subjects, as did juniors Alex Berry and Kevin Elkin, who placed second in Business Law and Ethics. They were the only team from Legend to win an award, even though it was their first time competing with no prior experience.

Despite the disadvantages of the short time allotted for planning and the time limits in presenting, being familiar with their subject and having background knowledge helped the team pull together.

Senior Will Curtin, who placed third in Hotel and Lodging, believes this year’s competition was a good start for new DECA kids.

Preparing for tests and familiarizing yourself with the different marketing subjects are both ways future DECA members can ensure they are ready for next year’s competition. “If you keep practicing and if you know what to expect it gets easier,” DECA president senior Auggie Mustillo said.

Mrs. Becker is extremely proud of all of the Wolverine participants.

“Each student represented themselves and [our school] in a poised and professional manner,” she said.

Currently, DECA students are preparing for their next competitive event. It will be the DECA District Competition and the qualifying event for State, which will be held on Nov. 17.

With so many more students becoming involved, DECA membership and participation in competitions is quickly growing.

“[DECA membership] looks good on any resume,” Forsyth said. “These are skills you’ll use for the rest of your life, whether it’s a job interview or any other professional business situation.”

NAHS Celebrates Halloween with Pumpkin Palooza Once Again

By Prisca To

Halloween is a holiday celebrated by people all over the world, regardless of age. There are halloween parties, events, and trick or treating. On Wednesday, October 29 NAHS hosted the Pumpkin Palooza for the fourth year in a row.

“Pumpkin Palooza is a free community/family event that provides a venue for families to carve and paint pumpkins together in a Halloween themed environment,” NAHS sponsor Modesitt said. “There are games, food, prizes, face painting,  a “pumpkin patch”, and stations to carve and paint pumpkins.”

Students within NAHS all have a specific role. Senior Haley Kinslow was in charge of face-painting the children.

“We had a really good turn out, Kinslow said. “Lots of kids came and it was really fun.”

NAHS President Madi Hansen was the event coordinator for the palooza. She joined NAHS as a sophomore for community service opportunities and a way to express her artistic ability.

“The event allows students in NAHS to get creative, work with kids, and use their artistic abilities to uplift other people,” Hansen said.

Kinslow’s favorite part of the event was seeing the kids in costumes and having a good time.

“The Pumpkin Palooza is one my favorite events. I always have a good time with the little kids,” Kinslow said.

The Pumpkin Palooza grows in popularity every year, with returning and new kids. NAHS plans on doing the event for many more years.

“It is so much fun to watch families interact in a safe and positive environment. We usually have a couple hundred people through the doors and ages range from baby to grandma,” said Modesitt. “Students create and run all the games and make themed treats…usually enough to induce sugar comas.”

Jeans 4 Teens

By Doann Tran

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to get rid of your old jeans and donate them to a good cause, you’re finally in luck. Legend’s Interact club, sponsored by Volunteer Coordinator Tamara Krause, started a Jean Drive to help out two local shelters, Urban Peak and Excelsior School for Girls.​

“I think the concept of giving, and trying to help those that may not have as much as we do is something everyone should learn more about,” Krause said.

At the moment, Krause is extremely hopefully about the turnout of this event because she’s heard that there’s a big “buzz around and a lot more jeans are coming.” Krause has been passionate about helping others and and wants people to  help someone new every day.

“I love knowing that what little I do in my part of the big world can make even a small impact. We can all help others, every day, through any kind word or gesture, someone who may need ​a smile, a hug, or help with their homework,” Krause said.

This Jean drive is dedicated to teenagers who aren’t as fortunate as we are. The drive was collecting jeans in any size or style, worn or ripped, and it’ll make sure that the jeans get to the teenagers who need them the most in Colorado.

“We hope that in the future we can do something similar to this and continue to help the less fortunate,” club President Rebecca Subzwari said.

“Service Above Self,” is the basic premise of Interact club and it means to put others before yourself. This club has a big part in organizing volunteer activities all around Parker. From wearing character costumes down on Mainstreet to pass out candy on Halloween, to helping out with the “That Girl” conference, this club strives to give back to the community in any way.

“Ever since the interact club was created, I have wanted to be apart of it. I love helping the community and learning new things about helping others and becoming a leader,” said Subzwari, “even the littlest thing can make a huge difference to someone else.”

Leadership Runs In The Family

By Emma Polzer

We see them at football games, pep assemblies, and band competitions. The marching band is a big part of what happens at Legend and where we get our spirit, but who gives them their spirit? That person is the drum major, who for the last two years was Trevor Kimbrel.

As the new band season is about to begin, a new drum major had to be appointed because Kimbrel graduated. However, the Kimbrel era is not over yet, for soon-to-be-senior Hallie Kimbrel will take over for her brother this coming summer.

“I haven’t tried to fill in [Trevor’s] shoes. Right now I’m just trying to be my own drum major,” Hallie says about taking over for her brother. She is determined to make the band the best it can be and put her own spin on the way things used to be.

Starting something new and as big as becoming the drum major is intimidating to a lot of kids but Hallie says she’s “really excited to see how the band grows this year and hopefully have them strive to do their best”.

Before band camp begins later in the summer, Hallie will be attending camps made specifically for drum majors that teaches them how to be a leader and works to improve their conducting skills. In order to make the band the best it can be, Hallie will be practicing her music in order to know the music inside and out.

Hallie knows that she has to be a good leader and has been thinking “in [her] head of ways [she] can help the band and what [she] can do to be the best drum major [she] can be,”. This summer she will be mentally preparing herself and getting into that leadership role that will be expected of her later this year.

After these few weeks of creating a clear foundation for herself, Hallie will be leading the band at the first football game and throughout the year at competitions and assemblies to follow.

Hallie Kimbrel and Matt Smith get announced to be drum major and assistant drum major at the band banquet.

Hallie Kimbrel and Matt Smith get announced to be drum major and assistant drum major at the band banquet.

Yearbook Staff Captures Memories

IMG_3372By Caylin Spilman

As the school year comes to a close, the familiar sight of a big black book is becoming common around classrooms and the lunchroom. The 2014 Epic yearbook is out, and students can be seen carting it from class to class, along with Sharpies so their friends to sign a message to them.

This year’s yearbook is huge, 295 page book with quotes from students and teachers scattered all over the big pages. The clever layout has a blurb on a unique individual lining each page, and six word quotes students use to describe themselves go along the edges and fit with the theme of “A Legend Is a Story.” Pictures of clubs and sports teams are at the end, and stories on big events, such as Homecoming and Wise leaving Legend, cut in between classes.

The yearbook staff did a very good job this year, taking fantastic pictures of the Mr. Titan pageant and the Homecoming dance-offs between sports teams. The six letter quotes from students on the sides offers quick batches of entertainment, mainly because people say things like “Supernatural got cancelled. Now I’m crying,” to which I can totally relate.

So, except for a few name misspellings, misquotes and random name placement, little errors that are inevitable in a book this size, the yearbook staff did well capturing this year.

Jason Jacob: New Leader for Legend


Jason Jacob's leadership was on display as he directed students and staff after a bomb threat evacuated the school in March. Jacob was announced as Legend's new principal May 29.

Jason Jacob’s leadership was on display as he directed students and staff after a bomb threat evacuated the school in March. Jacob was announced as Legend’s new principal May 29.

By Mikayla Roberts

Finally the decision has been reached and the next Legend High School Principal has been selected. As Corey Wise steps down as principal to take his new job as Director of the 21st Century Learning and Leadership for Douglas County Schools at the High School Level, Assistant Principal and Advisor Jason Jacob steps up to take on this new role.

The decision of appointing Jacob was reached May 29 just before the Class of 2014’s graduation.

“As Principal, I am hoping to continue to help build Legend into the best school in the state of Colorado.  This means learning and activity opportunities for students and continue to add on to our family atmosphere and good culture within the Parker community,” said Jacob.

Jacob was a part of the core team that opened Legend in 2008. He has served as the Athletic Director for the six years he has been here. Before coming to Legend, he worked at Chaparral as a science teacher, basketball coach and then an administrator.

Every incoming leader brings new outlooks and goals to the future of their job. “ One of my goals for going into next year is working with students to create some new traditions to keep the spirit and culture growing at Legend as well as revisit some of the current traditions and what we can do to make them stronger,” said Jacob.

Becoming a candidate and going through the entire process for being named a principal is very lengthy and time-consuming.

“It first started with the typical resume and letters of recommendation.  They call that the paper screening process,” Jacob said. “After that, candidates were given five questions via email and we had to film ourselves answering those five questions conversationally in 15 minutes and then submitting to be viewed by the district.”

“Next, was a two hour interview at the district. At this level there were four different committees for this two-hour process.  Candidates spent 30 minutes with each committee and rotated through.”

During the principal selection process each person gets interviewed and assessed by committees. “The committees consisted of a group from district assessment, Assistant Superintendent and World Class Instruction Coordinator, Director of Middle School and High Schools, and finally a group of principals and representatives from Human Resources,” Jacob said.

“From there I was moved on to the building interviews at Legend.  There were two committees for a two-hour interview.  The first committee was made up of teachers, support staff, and parents.  The second committee was a group of students from Legend.  After this process I met with the Director of High Schools, Steve Johnson, for another hour and then finally met with Dr. Fagen, our superintendent, for about 30 minutes,” said Jacob.

Graduation From The Escorts

By Emma Polzer

After much preparation, the day had finally come: graduation. From the Junior Escort point of view, I have seen what happens behind stage. Seeing Mrs. Tawzer put hours into making sure the microphones work correctly and all the speakers know their speeches to the T is something I never imagined happening.

Being a Junior Escort helped me to more understand everything that these people do for us. As the seniors graduated, everyone involved in the graduation process watched what they had been working toward finally happen.

The day before graduation was the only rehearsal before the actual event took place. That Thursday afternoon left both seniors and junior escorts feeling prepared and “ready for the real deal,” junior Kelly Yanagihara said.

The morning of graduation went by fast, along with the actual ceremony. Junior Escorts showed up to help get any last minute details taken care of, then the seniors came, dressed in cap and gown, ready to walk. After getting lined up, it was time to walk.

After the performers sang and speakers said their last words, names started being called and after each one was heard, there was someone in the crowd yelling for that person. When the ceremony came to an end, seniors tossed their caps in celebration and the crowd cheered.

Pictures and hugs took place immediately after the seniors exited the track. Everything that they had been working for had come to an end and they were finally done with high school.

Being a part of this year’s graduation gave me and all other escorts’ insight into what actually happens leading up to the big day. “It made me appreciate graduation way more,” junior Mary Mac Carlin says.

Junior escorts, Emma Polzer, Alex Sitzman, and Kelly Yanagihara stand for a picture with seniors, Zack Beyer, Luke Connell, and Connor Gerace after graduation.

Junior escorts Emma Polzer, Alex Sitzman, and Kelly Yanagihara stand for a picture with seniors Zack Beyer, Luke Connell, and Connor Gerace after graduation.

Maleficent Provides New Twist on Classic

By Doann Tran

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in Disney's MALEFICENT credit: Disney

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in Disney’s MALEFICENT credit: Disney

In this new take on the classic Sleeping Beauty fairytale story, Maleficent, a beautiful winged fairy falls in love with a human, by the name of Stefan. where they grew up together in the peaceable forest kingdom. Little did she know, Stefan turned cold and bitter while longing for power, which eventually separated the two people for the time being.

Until one day, when an invading army threatens the harmony of the land, Maleficent rises to be the forest’s fiercest protector, but she ultimately faces a rude awakening – a betrayal from Stefan himself. While she was sleeping, Stefan decided to cut off both of her wings so that he may present them to a dying King Henry in order to be the named successor of the throne.

This act only took her pure heart and molded it into stone, ridden with only one thing- revenge.

To avenge herself, Maleficent arrives at King Stefan’s kingdom and casts an irreversible evil spell on the newly crowned King’s first born child, Aurora. Fearing for Princess Aurora’s life, King Stefan sent her away until the day after she turned sixteen.

Day after day, Maleficent watches over her. As Aurora grows, Maleficent grows fond of her and starts to realize that she may hold the key to peace between the two kingdoms, and perhaps to Maleficent’s true happiness as well.

Overall, the movie turned out to be fun to watch with many twists and turns. Although I was a little skeptic about this since I am a true believer of the original Sleeping Beauty story, it proved to be a tale of female empowerment, romance, as well as deviousness.

Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of Maleficent came to life in full form with her stunning skills and presence. It was amusing to see Jolie play a role that required a lot of nuances to pull of this character with a multitude of depth and dimensional image.

With the actors, theme, and excellent story line that tied it all together, it was a spectacular balance. Although keeping some humorous Disney moments, the movie producer also included a dark tone, or a mix between villains that are both good and bad.

I recommend this movie to all families as it proved to be a remarkable adaptation from the classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty- “Only may she wake from a true love’s kiss, from Prince Charming himself.”

10 Places to Go This Summer

By Doann Tran

Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place to spend the summer. Photo by Steamboat Today

Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place to spend the summer. Photo by Steamboat Today


Where to go, what to do? Top 10 Summer things to do!

1. Waterworld – With the temperatures rising above 80 degrees everyday, spending a day at a waterpark to cool yourself down is the way to go! My personal favorite rides would be the “Revolution” and the “Space Bowl.”

2. Climbing the Incline – You’ve been seeing all your friends refer to it as “Satan’s Stairwell” on Instagram and Twitter, but what exactly is it? Basically, it’s a trail used for hiking that’s about 0.88 miles with steepness around 68% in some areas. A fitness challenge for many, but will YOU be the ONE to attempt it?

3. Steamboat Springs – Most people only go here during the winter, but there are tons of activities for the summer also. Some including the Alpine slide, Gondola Rides in the sky, movies on the mountain, ATV touring, rafting/kayaking, paddle boarding, and more. This is my go-to place.

4. Elitch Gardens – Well, for all the students who took Physics this year, they did not get to go on the annual field trip to Elitches. Quite a bummer, if you ask me. Summer’s the time to make up that field trip, and even go with your friends this time.

5. Parker Days – Woo! The festival has come to Parker. June 13th-15th. It’s the perfect family weekend (or with your friends) to enjoy for the day with a parade, lots of food, carnival rides, and concert stages.

6. Hiking in Garden of the Gods – With 1,300 acres of sandstone and red rocks formations, this park offers many hiking trails for all your outdoorsy desires. It’s also a  free center to the gateway to the geology, ecology and cultural history of the area through hands-on exhibits.

7. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Who can go wrong with the Zoo? The Cheyenne Zoo is one of the best zoos to attend, especially since they have meet-and-greets with the Giraffes, where you feed them little bundles of lettuce.

8. Denver Downtown Aquarium – “Under the sea… Under the sea…,” Well, not exactly, but close enough. You can’t go wrong with an underwater adventure with fish, sharks, jellyfish, and even stingrays to pet (and possibly bite off your hand).

9. Take a family trip to Seven Falls – Located in South Cheyenne Canyon, this place highlights seven separate falls as they splash and tumble 181 feet down a sheer granite cliff. Here, you can hike 2 different trails, feed the rainbow trout fish, and take the 224-step stairway to the Midnight Falls where you see an absolutely breathtaking view of Colorado itself. Whoa.

10. College Visits! – Definitely a must. Need I say more? If you’re going to be applying there, might as take some time to visit the campus to see if you actually like it there.