Leadership Runs In The Family

Hallie Kimbrel and Matt Smith get announced to be drum major and assistant drum major at the band banquet.

By Emma Polzer We see them at football games, pep assemblies, and band competitions. The marching band is a big part of what happens at Legend and where we get our spirit, but who gives them their spirit? That person is the drum major, who for the last two years was Trevor Kimbrel. As the […]

Yearbook Staff Captures Memories


By Caylin Spilman As the school year comes to a close, the familiar sight of a big black book is becoming common around classrooms and the lunchroom. The 2014 Epic yearbook is out, and students can be seen carting it from class to class, along with Sharpies so their friends to sign a message to […]

Jason Jacob: New Leader for Legend

Jason Jacob's leadership was on display as he directed students and staff after a bomb threat evacuated the school in March. Jacob was announced as Legend's new principal May 29.

  By Mikayla Roberts Finally the decision has been reached and the next Legend High School Principal has been selected. As Corey Wise steps down as principal to take his new job as Director of the 21st Century Learning and Leadership for Douglas County Schools at the High School Level, Assistant Principal and Advisor Jason Jacob steps […]

Graduation From The Escorts

Junior escorts, Emma Polzer, Alex Sitzman, and Kelly Yanagihara stand for a picture with seniors, Zack Beyer, Luke Connell, and Connor Gerace after graduation.

By Emma Polzer After much preparation, the day had finally come: graduation. From the Junior Escort point of view, I have seen what happens behind stage. Seeing Mrs. Tawzer put hours into making sure the microphones work correctly and all the speakers know their speeches to the T is something I never imagined happening. Being […]

Maleficent Provides New Twist on Classic

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in Disney's MALEFICENT credit: Disney

By Doann Tran In this new take on the classic Sleeping Beauty fairytale story, Maleficent, a beautiful winged fairy falls in love with a human, by the name of Stefan. where they grew up together in the peaceable forest kingdom. Little did she know, Stefan turned cold and bitter while longing for power, which eventually […]

10 Places to Go This Summer

Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place to spend the summer. Photo by Steamboat Today

By Doann Tran   Where to go, what to do? Top 10 Summer things to do! 1. Waterworld – With the temperatures rising above 80 degrees everyday, spending a day at a waterpark to cool yourself down is the way to go! My personal favorite rides would be the “Revolution” and the “Space Bowl.” 2. […]

Upcoming Summer Movies

The Fault In Our Stars will be released on June 6 and stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.

  By Ashley Keller Many movies will be appearing on the big screen this summer.  Movies of the summer include light-hearted comedies, sci-fi extravaganzas, superhero adventures, anticipated sequels, and heartwarming romances. These movies are some of the most anticipated of the summer. What better way to spend a hot summer day than in an air-conditioned […]

How to Prevent Bad Summer Break Habits

English 2 Honors' summer reading assignment and school year curriculum.

By Prisca To Once the final bell of the school year rings, we all race out of school, ready to have the best break ever. We have more than 2 months, and we can do everything and anything. However, before you know it, we have two weeks left and piles of untouched summer homework. Fight […]

Run Catherine, Run!

Catherine Liggett runs in a cross-country race last September. She qualified for state in both cross-country and track this year.

By Caylin Spilman As all track fans and participants know, being in track means commitment, hard work, and of course, lots of strength to try as hard as possible to win. Only the best girls made it to State May 15th through 17th, and even fewer managed to do well against all the other runners […]

Students Feel the Stress From Final Exams


By Nate Loibl Final exams are always a tough part of the school year. Where a student has to reach back into the depths of his or her memory bank and pull out all of the content that they learned in that semester. To top it off, the student has to do that for up […]


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