Taylor Swift Lets Loose Her Red Emotions

By Jenny Steiner

Taylor Swift tops the charts as one of the most popular singer/songwriters of our generation. She dominates the music industry with her new albums that come out every other year on her birthday, October 22.

Her new album, Red, comes out in less than a month. Her newly released single “Never Ever Getting Back Together” has been in the iTunes top ten since August 13th.

Sophomore Cassidy Speath has been a Swift fan ever since the sixth grade.

“I’m hoping for a good mix of different songs and styles,” Speath says.

Taylor is famously known for not changing any of the names of the people she writes about.

“She’s not afraid to be herself no matter if people criticize her music” Speath says, “and that’s why she’s a great role model.”

Taylor Swift has been working on Red for more than two years, inspired by all the “red” emotions she’s felt in her relationships within the past two years of her life, like anger, jealousy, and passion.

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