Jason Ritter Remembered with Jersey Patch

By Taylor Mitchell

Teacher and coach Jason Ritter, who passed away in March 2011 after battling cancer, impacted Legend High School. A JR patch on every football player’s jersey is one way he is being remembered and honored.

“Jason Ritter was an incredible man who wanted to make Legend the best place on Earth to be,” said Jay Zimmerman, chemistry teacher and close friend of Ritter.

Legend is big on school pride, and that meant a lot to Jason Ritter.

“He wanted the school to stick together and do the right thing,” said Zimmerman.

Every time the players slip on their jerseys they will see the patch.

“To me the JR patch means that I’m playing for our school, our family, and the man who made us one.  Jason Ritter has such a big impact on me and I think of him the whole game,” said senior Ian Mac.

Coach Rob Doyle, along with others, discussed the patch with the team. There was an email sent out to each of the players.

“The JR patch is to remind us and make it so his legacy will never be forgotten,” said Zimmerman.

The patch is motivation for the entire team to keep on going and never give up, to “find a way,” as Ritter would say.

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