Happy 72nd Birthday John Lennon

By Lauren Medvig

Today, October 9, should have been a great occasion. But today instead of happiness and joy there is sadness and mourning as we try to celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 72nd birthday. It’s almost like losing him all over again. Every year his birthday comes around and we are reminded of that night way back in 1980 when he was shot and killed outside of his New York apartment.

But instead of thinking about that horrible tragedy (and how much we hate his killer Mark David Chapman), today is meant to be a celebration. The celebration of a great hero and a cultural icon. A celebration of the life he led and the people he has moved. In 1964 John Lennon, along with the other members of the Beatles, came to America and became not only an overnight sensation, but also one of the biggest celebrities worldwide.

His forty years on this earth changed music forever. He inspired countless artists of every genre. Everyone from Kurt Cobain to Ozzy Osbourne. He was an artist, an author, and dedicated most of his final years to advocate for peace. He was a great musician, but also a great man. It’s difficult to find words to describe a man who has had such a profound impact on the world. Listing his achievements doesn’t even begin to describe the real John Lennon. The only thing we can do is celebrate his life and his impact and be thankful for all he has done.

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