Rathbun Makes Final Round of National Poster Contest

By Miranda McHodgkins

Senior Brooke Rathbun was checking her e-mail when she got one that caught her eye. She immediately opened it, and after reading it she was intrigued and ready to put her computer skills to use.

Rathbun is the president of the Technology Student Association, so when ever any contests and opportunities involving technology are occurring, technology teacher Debbie Tawzer makes sure to send Brooke an e-mail to let her know.

This particular e-mail Rathbun opened happened to be about a poster design contest held by the National Career and Technical Education.

Contestants were given specific info and a logo that they had to include into the poster and were free to do whatever they wanted with the design. Once Rathbun had all the info she got to work creating a poster using the program illustrator.

“I wanted to enter this contest because it seemed like a great opportunity and the winner gets Adobe CS6,” said Rathbun. Adobe CS6 is the latest version of the Adobe software package that includes Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign.

Once Rathbun completed her poster, she entered it into the contest and later found out that she was a finalist. There are six poster design finalists in the nation and Rathbun is the only one from Colorado.

“The winner of the contest will be the one with the most likes on the ACTE facebook page and I’d love if people could vote for me,” said Rathbun.

Voting ends Friday, Oct. 27 and to vote students can find the link to the ACTE facebook page through the Legend High School Facebook Page or below. All voters need to do is like the page, which will then allow them to see all the poster entries and vote for the one they like. Rathbun’s in Secondary Poster 2.


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