Student Government Hosts Monster Mash for Kids- Q&A With Kyle Kercheval

by Jenna Schuster

Q: Why host this event at Legend?
A: We host our Safe-Trick-or-Treat every year to give back to the community and really just give them something where the younger kids can come have fun, get some candy, and just have a blast trick-or-treating in a safe environment.

Q:Did it cost anything to go? If so, what did the proceeds go towards?
A: Yes, it cost I believe $5 admission to get in, and all of the proceeds to to Student Government to fund our community events throughout the year.

Q: How was the turn out for the 2012 Monster Mash?
A: This year, our turnout was less than years past, but still a success. We advertised earlier this year before fall break so people kind of forgot about it, but it was still very successful!

Q: How many years has this been held at our school?
A: When I was a freshman… so 2010? It’s been going for 3 years.

Q: What activities did the kids get to participate in?
A: They got to go from room to room trick-or-treating and playing games. Some rooms were scarier rooms for the older kids and not so scary for the younger kids. Every room was decorated with a certain theme (Witches, monsters, graveyard, pumpkin patch, etc), and each room had a game or something to do (maze, bean-bag toss like game, Monsters Inc. was playing in the monster room,etc)

Q: Did you enjoy helping out the kids?
A: For sure! It’s great hanging out with the kids and just having a great time with them.

Q: What was the best/cutest costume you saw?
A: One kid had this really cool S.W.A.T. costume, lots of princesses and Thing 1 Thing 2’s, but all of the kids went all out and looked GREAT!

Q: Did the Student Government members have to dress up? If so, what was your costume?
A: Yes, we dressed according to our room. So I was in the graveyard room so I dressed like this cool zombie person/thing. We all went all out and really were cool!

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