Review of Justin Bieber’s Concert

Justin Bieber, a 17-year-old pop star, brought his second concert tour to Colorado.

Bieber has many albums including: My World (2009), My World 2.0 (2010), Under the Mistletoe (2011), My Worlds (Acoustic) (2011), Never Say Never (2011), and Believe (2012).]

This concert on January 7, was promoting his most recent album Believe. He is currently working on making that album acoustic.

The best song of the concert was “Beauty and a Beat.”

Bieber’s DJ for the concert, DJ Tay James, kept the audience on there feet in between songs and while Bieber was backstage.

The dancing and singing was right on key. The lights were fantastic, but did not take any attention from Bieber.

Beiber made an effort to connect with the crowd and talk to them. He introduced his band, which was later followed by a killer guitar solo.

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