Valentine’s Day Resentment

By Kyra Ferguson

Valentine’s day is considered a day of love and friendship. However, more often than not,  singles find themselves alone and surrounded by gushing couples.

Junior Shannon Lefaire said the worst part about Valentine’s is “not having anyone to share it with.”

Sophomore Carly Beemster said, “It is a holiday that people who had love decided and they were like single people can go be single by themselves.”

Many people, including Beemster and her friends, call the upcoming holiday “Singles’ Awareness Day,” which is a humorous holiday created to mock the romantic holiday it shares it’s date with, or remind couples that anyone can enjoy life without romantic attachment.
On Valentine’s Day is expected to be very busy and possibly very distracting when celebrated in school. Large, romantic gestures often flood the hallways and classrooms.

“All the gifts that people give are distracting,” Beemster said, “because there are giant teddy bears everywhere.”

Even singles can find an advantages to the holiday though.

Junior Charlie Navarro said, “The best part is that all the chocolate is on sale.”

Even though the chocolates are on sale, Valentine’s Day is still not the happiest holiday around for anyone. However, just like all other holidays, it shall draw to a close by the end of the day.

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