Theater 2 and Tech Theater 2 In Class

By Jazzy Welling

Tech Theater 2: In Mr. James Dykstra’s tech theater II classes they build, paint, and prepare for the upcoming plays and musicals. Junior Collin Erdmann is the theater’s tech head, every day he stays very late to work on the sound and lights. He was working on wiring the brand new 8000 dollars worth of sound equipment. The tech people at Legend are very important. Without them all we would have is a cast on a blank and boring stage.

Theater 2: In Mrs. Julie Lachance’s theater II classes, they kids work on their Saturday Night Live skits. Second semester is dedicated to only doing SNL skits. The different groups will first plan out what they’re skit will be, then they will script the whole thing out. After all that is done they will perform them at the end of the semester for their final.

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