Boys’ Lacrosse Growth and Changes

By Bethany Eveleth

Boys’ lacrosse is is among the spring sports just starting their seasons–and the lacrosse team is going to look a bit different this year.

“We are carrying our first full class of seniors, we have 12 graduating players this year,” varsity coach, Christopher Magrin said. “This changes everything, it changes our competitive ability, our practice leadership, and the overall tone of the program.”

In the Douglas County League there are 11 eleven boys’ lacrosse teams that compete for two playoff spots, which is extremely difficult according to Magrin, who’s varsity team’s goal is to make it to playoffs this year.

“There will be a bit of a learning process adapting to our new skill level,” Magrin said. “But we are suited to perform well if we can find our rhythm.”

The program has grown immensely since it’s start three years ago. The lacrosse program now includes over 60 boys, when three years ago there were just 16 players.

Their season started on March 7, in a game against Boulder High School, which ended in a loss. The team’s second game on March 9 against Eaglecrest was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Their next game is on March 13, at Sports Authority Stadium at seven o’clock.

“This is one of the most talented group of lacrosse players that I have coached in my 10 years of standing on the sideline,” Magrin said.

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