“Crazy for You” Wows Audiences

photography 326 POSSIBLYBy Taylor Mitchell

The Theater Department brilliantly put on the spring musical, Crazy for You.   This production included intense dance scenes that were well executed, along with phenomenal singing.

The follies did a good job considering all the complex moves. Lead follies senior Kinsey Smith and sophomore KJ Sheldon stood out during the tap dancing scenes.

Senior Austin Allwein shined in his acting and solo dancing. His technique was outstanding.

None of this would have been possible without the help of choreographer Liane Adamo.

The best scene by far was “What Causes” performed by Allwein, as Bobby Child, and Cooper Johnson, as Bela Zangler. The two had to mirror one another through many actions, and neither one of them missed a beat.

Senior Shelby Varra took over the stage every time she set foot on it; her powerful voice was a perfect match for the Gershwin.

In the scene “Naughty Baby,” seniors Lauren Dolan and Cody Conway brought sass and risk to the stage. Dolan played a powerful woman who knew what she wanted, and that was Cody.

“I Got Rhythm” was a great scene filled with dancing and acting from the entire cast.

The pit orchestra and the conductor, Orlando Otis, did a great job. Legend hasn’t used a student pit orchestra in three years.

With all the people involved in the whole production, they kept it nice and organized. I could always tell what was going on in each scene. It never got too busy or crowded.

The set looked incredible, and was changed within seconds.

The three dimensional saloon was especially impressive.

My only critique was the length. The entire production lasted close to three hours, which is long for students  in the audience on a school night.

Photos:  Will Engel and Devon Foster; Austin Allwein and Shelby Varra

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