Redesign Your Room This Summer

By Laura Babb

Over the lazy dog days of summer it’s easy to get bored fast. Well here’s an idea! Over the summer you could redesign your bedroom! It’s the best time to do it! But… where do you start? Well don’t worry, I will give you the tips to spice up your room. Below are cheap and helpful hints on how to start and make your room look like it popped out of a home design magazine.

1. What theme do you want the room to take? There are many themes that you can choose. You don’t need to choose a theme but if you choose a theme then it can help you decide wall color, decorations and furniture.

2. Wall color. Next you need to pick a wall color. This is super important to redesigning any room. You could just repaint your room and your room already takes on a fresh look.

You don’t have to paint your whole room one color. Focal walls are super big right now. You can paint one wall a certain color and that wall can be the focal point of the room.

Another option for your walls are wall decals. These add an extra pop to any room. You can buy them at Target, Walmart, Kohls or any retail store. They are affordable and super easy. You can remove them whenever you want and re-stick them to any wall. Wallpaper is also an option. Wallpaper has been making a recent comeback.Vintage,floral and geometric wallpaper are very popular right now.

3. Furniture. Furniture is a great way to change the look of your room. There are thousands of different styles of furniture.There are many stores that offer affordable furniture. Furniture that also offers storage is a great to stay organized. Don’t go overboard on the furniture! You want your room to have a good flow and not to be crowded. The furniture staples are, of course, a bed, nightstand and dresser/desk. If you don’t want a dresser then there are many other options of storage. You can go to any store and by storage options for your closet. This is a great way to make space in your room. A desk is a great item for a room. It gives you the opportunity to do homework in your room and it’s a great way to stay organized. If you have space in your room a fun seating/hangout area for your friends is a must!

4. Decorations. Decorations are the cherries on top of the pie. You can go to Target, Walmart, Home Goods, Bed Bath and Beyond,Hobby Lobby or a flea market or garage sale for cheap room items! The options are endless. You can pick decorations that go along with your theme or that appeal to you.

      -Lamps: Lamps come in all shapes,sizes and colors.

      -Wall art: Wall art can add so much to your walls and your room. It can be a painting, frames with photos, wall decals, Mirrors etc. Anything that you love and find interesting!

      – Pillows/throws: Pillows are a great way to add a pop of color to your room. Pillows come in different styles and colors.Pillows now have quotes,pictures, and words stitched into them.

      -Decorative accents: This can be anything. It can be flowers in vases, mobiles (which are huge right now!) storage items or nick nacks. Pinboards are great to put near your desk. You can pin up pictures, notes, reminders and anything else you want.Storage bins come in so many patterns and help you to stay organized too.


D.I.Y Ideas

Below are some cheap ways to decorate and spice up your room.

*Frame Earring display: If you are looking for a cheap and cute way to display your jewelry then make a frame earring display.The supplies you will need are…

-old picture frame

-wire mesh or window screen

-paint and paintbrush

-sand paper

-hot glue gun or staple gun


Step 1: Find an old picture frame or you can buy one

Step 2: Remove the glass and backing

Step 3: Sand the frame if you choose

Step 4: Paint the frame any color you want or design it in any way you choose

Step 5: After you paint the frame you then glue or staple the wire mesh/window screen to the frame

Step 6: Finished! Now you can display your earrings and jewelry in a fun,cute and cheap way. For more detailed instructions go to the link below


*Clothesline Picture Holder: Instead of using frames and losing wall or desk space then use a clothesline to display your pictures! The supplies you will need are…

-string or wire

-nails and a hammer


-pictures,quotes,postcards or anything else you want to display!


Step 1: Cut the string or wire to your desired length

Step 2: Hang the string or wire- nail the two nails into the wall. Tie the string or wire around the nails.

Step 3: Hang your pictures or anything you want to display! For more detailed instructions go to the link below.


*Decorative tray: This is a cheap and cute way to display any item you want. It could be candles, flowers,books or anything else you want to display. The supplies you will need are…

-cookie sheet

– Fabric or scrap paper




Step 1: Take the cookie sheet and measure how much fabric or paper you want on it. Don’t cover the whole tray. Leave the bottom plain and only put the fabric or paper on the top of the sheet.

Step 2: Cut the fabric or paper and glue it onto the sheet. Let it dry.

Step 3: Put your items on the tray and you are done! For more detailed instructions go the link below.

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