Spanish Spice

By Caylin Spilman

If a student walks into Spanish Club, they will be greeted with the sight of good food and a flavorful mix of cultures. Mobile 3 is stuffed full of people every time Spanish Club rolls around, and for a good reason, too.

“It is a great way to expand their knowledge, it’s fun, and it doesn’t matter how much Spanish you know. It allows you to focus on a culture and build an interest.” Spanish teacher Señorita Bock said.

Students seem to love the happy atmosphere and, of course, the free food.

“The food was awesome,” Freshman Dren Robinson said. “I really liked the seven layer dip, it was my favorite.”

Holidays are also a blast, and most people’s favorite part of the club is getting to celebrate them.

“My favorite part is celebrating holidays,” says Señorita Bock. “We get to make food, crafts, and play interactive games.”

The interactive parts of the club are authentic and fun to learn. The club leaders Señorita Bock, Señora Stroman, and Señora Walsh brought in a salsa dance teacher into class during the May meeting last year so everyone could learn how to dance the Spanish way.

Anyone can join Spanish club, no matter if a student is in Spanish 1 or AP Spanish. So come on down to Mobile 3 after school on the first Tuesday of every month, and see if Spanish Club is the place for you.

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