Busy Book Club


By Caylin Spilman

Books define who we are in words and pages. Love them or hate them, books have been around for centuries, detailing the human experience and allowing us to live different lives than the ones we are stuck in. Book Club is a place where people appreciate that and join together over words.

Book Club president Jess Ameter, freshman, explains the new club as “a place where anyone can come to hang out and share interests. We talk about popular books, play games, and tell each other about what we are currently reading.”

Book Club is a very relaxed, fun environment, with parties to celebrate books turned into movies, holidays, and an end of year party. There are book exchanges, great tasting snacks, and writing and reading contests. Students can come up with ideas for stories and have friends read them, chat about their favorite book series, and have fun talking with fans of the television shows “Sherlock,” “Doctor Who,” and “Supernatural.”

“(Students) enjoy getting together with other people who like to read and share information about the books they’re reading without any spoilers,” said Math teacher Krista Miller, the sponsor of the club. “The students are also writers and they like to share the plots and characters they have developed. They’re a very creative group of students. Anyone who enjoys reading, writing or telling stories is welcome to come.”

The incentive for starting book club was a simple one, according to Ameter.

“The Vice President, Breanne Frank, and I both loved reading, so when we got into a conversation about activities at Legend, I mentioned starting a book club,” Ameter said.

“[I sponsored them because] I love to read, and it’s fun to listen to the students talk about all the books they’re reading, especially if I’ve read the book as well,” Miller said.

Any interested students are welcome to drop by Room D 205 every other Monday and see if this is the place for them.

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