Fall Break Fun

By Catherine Liggett

 What was the most interesting part of your fall break?

 “I went to an all-nighter event with my friend Brooke Arnold from PEPC [Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church].  We went laser tagging from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.  I got fourth place out of 27 players.  I had a great time being competitive.  When we got back to the church, I ate a lot of junk food and jumped on the bounce houses.  It was a great time playing thespian wrestling and dodge ball.” – Junior Sarah Bergford

“I went to Florida.  While I was there, I had a softball tournament in Orlando.  We won three games and lost one.  I also used to live in Florida, so when I was there I visited my old school.  Once I got home, I went to a haunted house with my softball team where I was cornered by a scary clown.  We watched a movie and stayed up till three in the morning.” – Sophomore Aubree Wasserman

“I went to my friend Janna’s house and basically I almost got kicked by a horse!  I thought they were calm, but I guess not.” – Senior Anneliese Smith

“I spent the weekend with my sister at CSU.  I got to go to all her classes which made my brain hurt, but at the same time were very interesting.  I really liked the structure of the college versus our high school.  If you’re sick, you just don’t show up.  Also, I went to work with her which was pretty interesting since she works in a lab.” – Senior Madison Turner

“I did driving school.  I will finally be getting my permit later this week.” – Sophomore Chloe Lawrence

“I took my cat to the vet.  I think the vet was pretty happy when my cat left considering the vet had scratches all over.” – Sophomore Sam Gordon

“I wrote some fan fiction and read some as well.  I wrote my stories based off of other fan fictions I had read.  I’m thinking about being a writer.” – Sophomore Laura Tatum

“I had to come into school to prepare for our robotics club competition.  Unfortunately, our prototype didn’t work which was pretty devastating.  Now the panic has set in of how we are going to make another robot in just four days.” – Senior Janna Allen

“I drove all the way to Seattle to visit my new baby cousin, Viola.  I got to hold her and didn’t realize how tiny she really was.” – Sophomore Alex Latham

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