Fun Things To Do In Fall

By Mikayla Roberts

The temperature is lowering and the trees are changing colors, but even though summer is fading away you and your friends and family can still have fun. Here are 10 fun activities that you can do and the best part is, they cost little to no money.

1.) GO HIKING: This is a fun activity to do with your friends or family, go to Devil’s Head, Pikes Peak, Red Rocks, Garden of the Gods enjoy this time to look at the beautiful trees changing colors or enjoy the company of your friends and family. This is also a great way to keep in shape for the long winter.

2.) GO PLAY AIRSOFT: This activity isn’t for everyone however if you have a team of friends and a gun, head to Quail Run or an open area and battle it out, this is a fun activity that not only keeps you active but also is fun and enjoyable.

3.) BAKE TREATS: Treats are something that everyone enjoys so gather your friends or family and bake some spooky halloween cookies,brownies, or thanksgiving pies and treats. This is a perfect to make sweet memories.

4.) HAVE A SCARY MOVIE NIGHT: With Halloween in the air, spend the 31st with a spooky scary movie night with your friends, pop some popcorn and make treats, if you and your friends are the kind that dont like scary movies watch a comedy, action packed film or a romance film.

5.) GAME NIGHT: Have a ton of board games at your house? Or video games? Well here’s some fun activities, invite your friends and family over and play Monopoly, Life, Scene It, Halo, Call of Duty, or any other games you have. This is a fun event that can make really great memories

6.) GO TO A CORN MAZE: There are many corn mazes around this time of year so go to the one across from Panera Bread, or head up to Erie where they have a spooky scary corn maze this is a perfect event to do with your friends and family.

7.) TRICK OR TREAT: Who doesn’t like candy? So for a fun thing to do grab your friends dress up in costumes and go trick or treating around your neighborhood, or dress up and hand out candy to the kids that come around.

8.) “ GO LONGBOARDING”: For Freshman Hunter Hambly King this is an activity that he enjoys doing with his friends Collin Shea, and Michael Buris. “ Longboarding keeps me active and connects my inner self with my social life and friends,” said Hunter.

9.) “PLAY FOOTBALL”: For Senior and Legend football player Eric Kang, playing football is one of the things he enjoys doing with the team and with his friend Jason Tolman during the fall time. “Work hard play hard is why I like playing football,” said Eric.

10.) “GO TO THE GYM”: For senior and gymnast Kevin Patterson, going to the gym and preparing for his competitions is something that he enjoys doing during the fall time.

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