Helpful Tips For A Nervous Test Taker

By Caylin Spilman

We’ve all had those tests. The one where you just can’t seem to understand the material, or maybe you understand it, but it’s just too hard to remember. So to lend a helping hand, here are some test taking and study strategies that may help you ace the test and boost your grade.

1) Chew a certain flavor of gum during study time, then chew that same flavor of gum while taking the test. The gum flavor helps spark memories and makes it easier to remember what you studied.

2) If you really can’t remember one word or definition, think of something completely unrelated to the test, and then your brain will allow you to access the memory you were trying to think of before.

3) Sometimes the answer to one problem is hidden in another question later on in the test. Make sure you are observant because you might have been given a free answer without you even noticing it.

4) Write down what you are having trouble remembering on a piece of paper. Even if you can’t remember it during the test, your hand will have the motion of writing it down in its own little “memory.”

5) Recent studies show that drinking cold water before a test will help calm you down and get your brain working.

6) A good study tactic is to study for 30 minutes, then take ten minutes to relax and get your mind off the subject. This improves your ability to recall certain subjects after long intervals of time.

7) When in doubt, start in the middle. B is the most common answer on a test.

8) Don’t be afraid to change up the problem. If your brain is hardwired for words instead of numbers,  then take the math problem you’re working on and add a little story to help you solve it.

9) Skim through the test at the beginning so you can manage your time as best as you can.

10) Last but not least, stick with your gut feelings. Studies show if you have a hunch about something, it’s probably right. Don’t second guess yourself.

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