Out With a Bang

Senior Beau Hombach takes a look at a putt at the Pride of Parker tournament on Sept. 27. Photo by Bethany Eveleth.

An athlete’s goal is always to win, but most importantly to win at the end of the season– leaving that year’s season behind with a bang, not a fizzle. And, boys’ golf did just that by winning their final tournament of the year, Pride of Parker, against rivals Ponderosa and Chaparral.

They played the Pride of Parker tournament at Spring Valley in Elizabeth on Sept. 28. The tournament started early that morning, with a shotgun tee off at 7:13. The players met early that Friday morning in the mist and fog of a cold fall day.

Even though that morning represented the many fall days to come for other fall sports, it was the last of the fall days these Titans would be playing. Golf often starts before school does and ends before all of the other fall sports. But does that mean that golfers spend less time playing, practicing, and working?

“I practice about 28 hours a week. Especially in the summer,” said varsity captain, senior Beau Hombach. “And that’s not including actually going out and playing. That’s just range time.”

A typical round of golf is 18 holes, which takes about five hours to play. Golfers spend countless hours on the course, hoping to shed a stroke or two off their score.

“It’s the most mentally demanding sport you’ll ever play,” said Hombach. “And it looks really easy until you actually pick up a club and try it.”

This year proved to be especially successful for Titan golf.

“We had some of our best place finishes this year. [We had] three sixth place [tournament] finishes, [whereas] in previous years we only had one sixth place finish,”  said golf coach and English teacher Jay Nelson. “We finished sixth at regionals, which was also our highest ever.”

Even though the small team didn’t have any players qualify for state this season, Nelson has high hopes for the team.

“We’re looking forward to the future,” Nelson said. “We’re only losing two of twelve [players]. I’m thinking we’re going to be top five.”

One of the two seniors leaving Legend’s golf family is Hombach. The senior has been playing golf for three years.

“I never really took it seriously until sophomore year because I realized I have a talent for it,” Hombach said. “I’ve always loved the sport.”

Hombach plans to play college golf and would like to get a PGA tour card, but he knows it’s a long road, and simply says: “Golf is a rollercoaster.”

This is a roller coaster, however, that will be on the uphill for several years to come.

“I’m excited to hear about [my teammates] in a few years when they’re all seniors and playing really well,” said Hombach.

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