The Last Great Song I Heard

The last great songBy Emma Polzer

Tuned into the radio, you never know what you are going to hear. Sometimes they’re good songs and sometimes they’re not so good. Lately there has been a lot of good music on the radio. The last great song I heard was “Let Her Go” by Passenger.

Passenger’s lead singer is Michael David Rosenberg, a British folk-rock singer-songwriter. The group has been together since 2003 and have four albums.

“Let Her Go” is a compelling song about letting someone you love go. The song has a good beat and the words are very relatable. Michael David Rosenberg’s voice is unique to his style of music and gives the song a special touch.

This song has a deeper meaning than a lot of other songs on the radio so it really stuck out to me when it came on. It starts off slow, but then as time goes on it gets faster and more up beat.

“Let Her Go” is currently ranked number 12 on iTunes and 19 on Billboard Top 100. The album’s title is “All The Little Lights” and is ranked number 36 on iTunes.

Since hearing this song, I have become a Passenger fan and have listened to their whole album, which is just as good as this song.

Check out the song’s official video on YouTube.

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