Legend vs Douglas County

By Mason Albrechtson

Last week’s Varsity game– Legend vs. Douglas County– ended poorly for the Titans, with a final score of 64-34 Douglas County. Though the Legend offense speed did its job well and the field kickers made it tough for Douglas County, the season still ended for the Titans.

Junior Peyton Remy (6) was at the top with his pass yardage, totaling out at 368 yards, most of those coming from a 218-yard pass to senior E. Cherrington (10), a pass that was the highlight of the game. Senior Cody Dengal (87) was also an MVP, making some impressive runs and rushes with a total yard coverage of 135.

Legend Varsity will be back next year, and Douglas County will take on Fairview at 11 p.m. on Nov. 8.

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