Relationships: To Do or Not To Do?

AubreeBy Aubree Clark

High school is full of new experiences, one of which is having a romantic relationship for the first time. Legend students offer some hints and tips about the do’s and don’ts in a relationship.


  • “Do have trust, have things in common, and buy gifts and flowers. Be with someone who makes you laugh,” said senior Peyton Cottingham.

  • “Be presentable, kind to parents, and surprise me with random things. Be fun, nice, funny, sweet, and talkative,” said sophomore Terry Trudgian.

  • “Always be there for each other. Don’t hide how you feel always support each other no matter what,” said sophomore Kaylee Clark.

  • Be truthful, trust each other, and do make memories together,” said sophomore Mac Madigan.

  • “Do have a good personality, be positive, and be open to new opportunities,” said freshman Elijah Derosa.

  • “Do be honest, trustworthy, have good communication, and be respectful to each other,” said sophomore Kellie Davis.

  • “Be open to each other, be understanding, and be sympathetic to one another,” said junior Lauren Rogers.


  • “Don’t be mean, don’t ignore eachother, don’t be late to anything we do together, and don’t hide things,” said senior Peyton Cottingham.

  • “Don’t be awkward, annoying, or weird. Please don’t expect perfection,” said sophomore Terry Trudgian.

  • “Don’t lie to each other, don’t rush into anything, and don’t cheat,” said sophomore Kaylee Clark.

  • “Don’t lie, always be honest. Don’t fight a lot, always try to work things out,” said sophomore Mac Madigan.

  • “Don’t be mean or rude, don’t lie, and don’t ditch each other,” said freshman Elijah Derosa.

  • “Don’t lie, don’t cheat, and don’t try and hide things from each other. Just be open and honest,” said sophomore Kellie Davis.

  • “Don’t cheat on each other, don’t sugar coat things, and just don’t lie,” said junior Lauren Rogers.

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