Holiday Relatives Survival Guide

Freshman Kate Murphy and her family. Picture provided by Kate Murphy.

By Catherine Liggett

We all have that one cousin or aunt or grandpa who drives us up-the-wall crazy. As holidays sneak around the corner, confrontation with these sometime boisterous family members grows unbearable.  The Forum asked Legend High School students for their tips and tricks to surviving the holidays with such unruly relatives.


“Well to be honest, I don’t see my relatives over the holidays since they live in Chicago, but when the annoying ones visit I avoid them by not getting ready until the last minute.  Then I have an excuse to kill time in bedroom.”

– Freshman Kate Murphy

“Fake having laryngitis or get a good sense of humor.  Just try to be positive and stay busy.”

-Freshman Claire Stecker

“I just smile and nod.  Just smile and nod. Oh and agree with everything they say!”

– Sophomore Krista Violett

“Oh gosh, I freaking hate Christmas!  My relatives always steal my bed.  Just play games online or on your phone.”

– Sophomore Josh Bergford

“Hibernate in my room like a bear.”

– Sophomore Kaila Ugarte

“Oh man.  I usually just avoid talking to them, so I wouldn’t know.”

– Junior Ryan Sotebeer

 “It’s not that hard, just stay away from them.”

– Junior Breadan Quinn

 “To survive my relatives, I just run and hide.”

– Junior Alex Sandoval

“Oh gosh.  Stay away from them and keep to myself.”

-Senior Peyton Cottingham

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