Art Student Businesses

By Mason Albrechtson

Albrechtson’s Abstract Art

Senior Jourdan Albrechtson is currently enrolled in AP Draw & Paint for the second consecutive year. Most of her schedule is filled with art classes, and she spends her off periods in the art room.

She is by no means new to the art world. Jourdan has received many awards for her work, including Best in Show for the 2012 Air Academy Art Show.

Recently, she has begun to sell her work online, at shows, or for a commission. Jourdan has put pieces in the Douglas County art show the past year, and plans on submitting more work in the coming show.

“I wanted to see if people would buy my work,” she said, “So I put up a blog and a website, put my work in art shows,, and took it from there.”

The process for getting a commission is “easy,” she said, “You just come up to me and go ‘Yo, can I have a painting?’ From there, we work out the details, and I paint the piece.”

The cost for the painting varies depending on the size of the piece, as well as the price the customer comes forth with. Albrechtson has done pieces for as low as $10 and as high as $250.

The painting process takes around two weeks for most sized pictures.

Albrechtson is currently available to take commissions.

Autret’s Art Shows

The art shows that run yearly are opportunities for up-and-coming artists to get their work out into the world. Everyone from painters to sculptors, jewelers to pencil-artists, all artists above level 2 classes can get a spot in the shows.

The two upcoming shows, the DCPA art show that opens on Jan. 11, 2014 and the PACE center art show that opens on Mar. 20, 2014, are both being organized by senior Kristen Autret.

“I give the students opportunities to show their art to the community,” said Autret. “I’m the middle man in the operation. I set up all the shows, and speak to PACE and the DCPA for the students.”

Autret is also one of the people selecting art for the show at PACE, alongside the four art teachers from Legend. She will not be on the board for the DCPA jury, which will be run by an art professor from Metro State University and the head of the DCPA’s art department.

Talk to Ms. Moddiset, head of the Art Department if you want to have a spot in the upcoming shows.

Goering’s Better Boards

Senior Zach Goering has been an art student since freshman year, and got into AP Drawing and Painting just this year, and he has big dreams in the art world.

Currently, he is starting up a company called Goering Boards, where he will hand make longboards.

“People who know about the business usually come up to me and ask for a board,” Goering says. “They tell me what they want, and we work out the price.” The customer usually has the board a few weeks later.

The idea for the business started with an art project last year in Drawing & Painting 3. “A couple people saw the board I made, and they really liked it.”

Each board starts at around $120, and the price varies depending on the materials and the design.  So far, Zach has only done two boards for commission, and he hopes to do more in the near future.

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