Bye Bye, Boost Class

By Taylor Hourigan

As the semester approaches, some students meet requirements to drop boost classes.

As the end of the fall semester approaches, so does the end of the first ever semester of Legend’s School Success class, also known as the Boost class. And even though most Boost students still see the class on their schedule for next semester, many, like junior Andrew Hoy, are hoping that they will be able to exit the class by the end of this semester.

“I definitely want my off period back next semester,” Hoy said. “I’m planning on getting my own tutor for SAT/ACT prep, so I’ll be studying with them instead of in the class.”

Teachers of School Success classes received the exit requirements on the Friday before Thanksgiving break, and they are as follows:

The student must earn a 3.5 GPA for the 2013 fall semester or have a 3.0 or above cumulative GPA. For sophomores, a score of 15 in English, 19 in Math, and 18 in Reading must be earned on either their PLAN test or their end of semester final, which will be a mock ACT. Juniors must earn an 18 in English, 22 in Math, and 22 in Reading on their semester final. The student also cannot have more than 5 excused absences in School Success and no unexcused absences in the class. Students will not know if they may drop the class until the results of their fall final come out.

“I await the finals results to see how students have grown in this class,” said Assistant Principal Amber Lytton, the administrator in charge of the School Success courses. “I had a student whose mom fought tooth and nail to get them out of this class. Now the student is planning on staying in School Success.”

As for next semester, Lytton considers the first year a “pilot” for the class. “We’ll continue ACT prep second semester,” Lytton said. “Also, we’d like to be able to provide more content-specific help.”

Sophomores will also begin working on TCAP strategies, as the test has different material from the ACT.

After “working out all the kinks” during the first year, Lytton is already thinking about the future of the class.

“There will be three courses of the boost class next year,” Lytton said. “A Math course, an English course, and then a Boost course for those who need help in both areas. The classes will be grade level and teacher specific.”

The Boost class will also be available as an elective for any student who would like to take it. The number of students who don’t meet score requirements from the upcoming TCAPs will be used as guidelines for the class.


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