Dude, where’s my car?!

Students attempt to find their assigned spots in Legend’s snow-covered lot on Nov. 4. Photo by Emma Polzer

By Emma Polzer


When the snow comes, the lines go away–the parking lines, that is. Last year, Legend had a lot of problems with parking in the snow, however this year, there are newly assigned student spots. But did it solve the problems?

On the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 4, Legend woke up to 1.5 inches of snow. The parking lot was not plowed, but security guard Chancey Cunningham set out cones so students would be able to estimate where their spot was. “The cones were to show where the different lanes were supposed to be,” Cunningham said.

The cone system was used last year, but the assigned parking spots weren’t.

Most students said that they had an easier time finding where they had to park this year because they knew who parked around them.

Junior Parker Buffington said, “A silver car parks next to me, and they were already there so I just parked next to them and hoped for the best.”

Other students weren’t as lucky and had someone else already in their spot when they arrived at school.

“Someone else was in my spot, so we just went to the next open spot and hoped that we wouldn’t get a ticket,” senior Donald Dobel said.

The newly assigned parking spots add a new element to parking in the snow because you could get a ticket if you’re not in the right place. Since this was the first big snow of the year, “it was kind of a freebie,” Cunningham said

The weather in Colorado is very unpredictable and “some people weren’t prepared for this one,” said Cunningham.

“People drive really slow in the snow even when they don’t really need to,” junior Jeanna Kim said.

Even though the drive was a challenge for some, Cunningham said “generally, [parking] went well. There were no major issues, but some spots were a little tight.”

Though the spots were tight, everyone got into school without any big accidents. Attendance was delayed until 9:10 on that Wednesday and by the end of the day, the majority of the snow had melted away.

The plan for snow will continue to involve cones and, hopefully, finding spots will be even easier in the next big snow storm.

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