Pullout for Naviance: College help but class hurt


By Liz Anthony

Legend high school has a program known has Naviance to help students find colleges they would most likely want to attend and also to help them construct a more structured future for themselves. The only problem that this program seems to hold is administrators pulling students out of class to have their session of Naviance. From the students I spoke with I found that many of them were being pulled out of core classes. It seems to me that Naviance has thus created more work for the students, like when they miss crucial classes, they miss lectures, quizzes and group work. Senior, Eric Smith, claims that “(He’s) missed explanation of a project so (he) had less time to work on the project, giving (him) a lot more homework.”

Junior Maille Pierce says, “I think Naviance is annoying because it doesn’t really do much for me since I already know where I want to go to college.”

A solution to Naviance may be to make it optional. Let students who want to use the program do so in their free time. That way, they are not missing crucial classes but, are able to use Naviance for help with college applications, etc. Another idea is once a month in every students English class (since all students have to take English all four years) have a Naviance session, that way administrators know students are doing the tasks and students and teachers can plan around prescheduled times.

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