13 Superstitions

What are your superstitions and where did you get them?

By: Laura Babb and Doann Tran

1. “I carry around a block of wood every Broncos game.”

-Marcus Mustillo (Freshman)

2. “When you flush ice down the toilet, it will snow.”

-Nathaniel Bowe (Sophomore)

3. “If you spread pennies around your house on New Years, it will bring wealth to your family.”

-Dana Pogar (Sophomore)

4. “When you say something good is going to happen, it goes wrong.”

-Jaden Jessop (Freshman)

5. “Bad things happen when I don’t wear this yellow bracelet that I have.”

-Capri Keeler (Junior)

6. “When I play my rival team in hockey, I always put the same quarter in my left skate.”

-Caitlin Hanafee (Junior)

7. “Cracking a mirror gives 7 years of bad luck.”

-Dillon Bergfalk (Junior)

8. “On the day of a major test, I mismatch my socks and I don’t wear a matching pair.”

-Matthew LaTorre (Sophomore)

9. “In a baseball game, you NEVER step on the foul line.”

-JT Coleman (Sophomore)

10. “Toenails bring bad luck on Wednesday.”

-Brittany Been (Junior)

11. “Telling an actor ‘good luck’ before a show is bad luck, so instead, say ‘break a leg.’”

-Tommy Milo (Senior)

12. “On Halloween, when I was younger, I was always worried when a black cat would cross my path! I was worried about bad luck.”

-Chris Lewis (Junior)

13. “Hanging a horseshoe over a door pointing upwards brings good luck.”

-Amy Conrad (Junior)


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