14 Electives to Take

DCTV AcademyBy Catherine Liggett

DCTV Academy – Zero Hour Only (Titan TV/LHS Announcements) –

Students looking for real-world experience when it comes to televising and broadcasting should take the opportunity to enroll in DCTV Academy.  This class, more commonly known as the school announcements, relies upon confident, funny individuals to notify the student body of daily significant events.  Future broadcasters looking to showcase their voice can definitely find themselves in the limelight for this course.

“Even though the class is a zero hour only, I would still recommend the class because it is not every day, and if you do all your work it is easy to get a good grade.”

-Senior Noah Peters

 Marketing 1 (DECA) –

Business whizzes looking to showcase their abilities at local, district, state, and national competitions are strongly urged to join this full-year course.  DECA covers all major topics concerning the marketing and business world.  Students learn the essentials to becoming an efficient businessman or woman and practice real-world scenarios to help them in the future.

“DECA [competitions] require me to think on my feet and answer questions I’m not expecting to the best of my ability.  I feel this is a valuable skill.”

–      Sophomore Lesley Chavez

Tech Support –

In such a fast-paced, technology-based society, computer problems have become practically a daily occurrence.  Computer pros looking to help the student and teacher population can set their talent to good use in Legend’s Tech Support class.  This course requires students to solve technology issues around the school campus, while providing excellent real-world practice.

“If you are really interested in technology, like talking to people, are prepared to learn, and just overall interested then definitely join.”

-Junior Steven Ripple

Gaming –

Gamers looking to take their love of play to a more challenging level clearly have a place in Legend’s Gaming class.  This course focuses upon the layout and production of online games.  As an added bonus, after creating an effective gaming system, hours of fun and play lay ahead.

“It’s more than just creating the storyboard, art, and characters.  These parts of gaming influence multiple classes such as art and writing.”

-Freshman Aaron Tanarasoo

Journalism/Newspaper –

Students looking to engage with the school population on a daily basis through interviewing and storytelling should leave an available spot in their schedule to take newspaper.  The newspaper’s All-Colorado award winning paper, The Forum, debuts monthly and covers all school issues including athletics, academics, and relevant school life situations.

“The most touching interview I had was with Mrs. Gish about Legend cancer alumni, Natalie Erwin.  Newspaper helped me realize teachers at Legend really do care.”

-Senior Bethany Eveleth

Yearbook –

Focused and involved students will feel right at home in this year-long course.  Abilities such as writing, editing, design, and photography are essentials to creating and being a part of the award-winning yearbook, Epic.  Students are required to attend multiple extracurricular activities to gain coverage and knowledge in order to construct their end-of-the-year masterpiece.

“Interviewing is a very neat process, especially poms athletes.  These girls talk about fighting through injuries in order to compete.  Yearbook allowed me to see their determination.”

–       Sophomore Peyton Blomberg

Jewelry/Metalsmithing –

Artists looking to express themselves in a more abstract way will enjoy the uniqueness and challenge of Jewelry/Metalsmithing.  Rather than depicting emotions and views on a canvas, students in this class mold and shape their feeling through a piece of metal.  Creativity and determination to create a beautiful work are essential necessities for this fine art class.

“It’s easy to design a piece that fits your own personality and something you can actually wear.  It feels great to know your work is one of a kind.”

-Junior Ryan Sotebeer

Photography –

Photographers looking to take their basic, everyday photos to another level should definitely enroll in this class.  Photography teaches the basics every cameraman or woman wants to know, while encouraging students to express themselves in an artistic and unique manner.

“Photography allows me to connect to a topic and relate what I shoot.  I give my perspective of life through my photos and give emotion by capturing photos in an interesting way.”

-Sophomore Danielle Oksamytnyj

Color Guard Technique –

Color Guard members looking to tone their skills for the upcoming season have a reserved place in this class.  Color Guard Technique helps students train to be on top for their next marching band competition, while socializing and acquainting themselves with new comrades.

“You have to be willing to work hard and put lots of hours into practice, but at the same time, I have met many new people, I wouldn’t be friends with, if I hadn’t joined Color Guard.”

-Sophomore Jessica Ham

Women/Men Choir –

Students hoping to take their singing skills from the shower to the stage have a position waiting for them in the women/men choir.  Patient and determined singers will be heavily awarded on concert day as they sing side-by-side with fellow singers and friends.  Students willing to test their vocal chords with different styles of music should fit right in this class.

“[On concert day] it’s reassuring to have the other singers with you.  Also a lot of audience members don’t know the feelings and emotions associated with our songs, so when we sing we are able to relive these moments for those watching.”

-Sophomore Brooke Arnold

Theatre –

Future actors and actresses ready to develop basic theatrical skills and self-esteem need to sign up for this class.  Theatre focuses on creating a variety of performance opportunities such as scene work, improv, and monologue speaking.  Learning to become comfortable with speaking and acting on the spot is essential for this performing arts class.

“Theatre has made me much more outgoing because you have to go in front of the class to do different activities you have never done before.”

-Sophomore Ojaswi Uprety

Athletic Training –

Future athletic trainers and sport doctors hoping to gain real-world experience should reserve a spot on their schedule for this class.  Besides helping injured athletes, this class teaches the proper way to recognize, treat, and prevent injury along with the study of basic anatomy, first aid, and CPR.  Athletes looking to train and perform smarter would benefit from the helpful tips and tricks this class has to provide.

“if you really want to learn about different types of injuries and how the body works then this class is for you.”

-Sophomore Chelsea Linton

Peer Intern –

Compassionate and devoted students dedicated to assisting special needs children will not want to miss a day of this class.  The daily assistance and caring for disabled students brings out the best in peer interns and helps them develop an appreciative view on life.  Patience, kindness, and determination are the core principles of this unique course.

“Peer Intern has made me appreciate my life for the things I am able to do.  Its opened my eyes and made me a more caring, considerate, and patient person.  These kids make me better.”

-Sophomore Kaylee Clark

Student Government –

Involved and determined individuals looking to promote school spirit and services should enroll in this class.  These students plan and direct mass school activities such as school dances, pep rallies, and charity events.  Leadership and the ability to guide others are the core concepts and developments of this class.

“Student government has helped me develop leadership roles in that it gives me certain responsibilities that I have to follow through with and manage.”

-Sophomore Anna Ceravolo

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