5 Presidential Pupils

By Tara Higgins

Every A day during 5th period, 43 students in the Student Government class work in support of the student body. Five of these students—seniors Marlena Long and Peyton Cottingham, junior Megan Burmaster, sophomore Anna Ceravolo, and freshman Luke Lyman—are responsible for not only running the class, but also in representing their respective classes. Each of them has contributed to the school and their community in numerous ways.

Marlena Long, Student Body President

As Student Body President, senior Marlena Long holds one of Student Government’s biggest leadership roles. Building on the experience she has gained from her role last year as junior class president, Long runs the Student Government class with Student Body Vice President Kyle Kercheval.

Long has been a member of Student Government since her sophomore year. “I wanted to lead others to make Legend the best it can be,” she said. “My favorite thing about the class is working with my peers.”

Leading officer meetings, team building activities, and leadership lessons in class, as well as managing class committees when planning events make up the greater portion of Long’s responsibilities.

“Some of my favorite memories as Student Body President have been leading the Homecoming Parade on my horse, lighting the bon fire, and emceeing the Homecoming assembly,” Long said.

“But, my most memorable moments are just leading class every day and helping the other students in the class push to their fullest potential as leaders.”

In addition to her numerous responsibilities as president, Long is also involved in a number of activities, including cross country, track, and golf at Legend. “I am also in Captain’s Club, Link Crew, and National Honor Society,” Long said. “One of my goals when I grow up is to run a marathon.” She also works at Spring Valley Golf Course.

“I ride and compete with my horse Rosie in English and Western Pleasure,” Long said. “I enjoy riding, playing golf, and hanging out with my family.”

Outside of her leadership as a Student Government officer, Long has also been a captain on the cross country team for the past three years, which helped her develop even more as a leader.

“I was also named the Female Activities Student of the Year last year,” Long said. She is also proud of her accomplishment winning her first belt buckle for riding her horse at eight years old.

“Next year I hope to go to the University of Arizona and major in Pre-Pharmacy,” Long said. “I hope to continue to be in student government in college, and hopefully compete on their Equestrian team.”

By the time she graduates, Long will have fulfilled her mission to impact those around her.

“My biggest goal is to make a difference in someone’s life,” Long said.

Peyton Cottingham, Senior Class President

There are two senior officers in the role of president. One is student body president Marlena Long, and the other is senior class president Peyton Cottingham.

“I wanted to do Student Government to have the opportunities to help out Legend High School and the community,” Cottingham said. “My favorite part is the family aspect and being able to help out those around us.”

Cottingham has been a member of Student Government since her junior year, and chose to run for office so she could ensure that the senior class had their best year ever. “I wanted to create events and moments that my fellow classmates would always remember,” she said.

“I am the main communication line between the seniors in Student Government and the senior class at Legend,” Cottingham said of her responsibilities as a senior officer.

As well as leading the senior class, Cottingham is also a Link Crew leader, helping out in Nick Rider’s Freshman Transition class.

“I am also involved in cross country, swimming, track, and National Honor Society,” Cottingham said.

She also enjoys reading, running, and volunteering in the community.

Cottingham encourages all students to become more involved in the school. “I would tell younger students to become a part of a club or activity because it helps you get involved while also meeting people who share the same interests,” she said.

“Also, go and support sports teams because it is a great bonding activity. You become united at those spirited games.”

Cottingham plans on remaining in Colorado after her graduation. “I want to study psychology in hopes of one day becoming a child therapist/counselor,” she said.

Cottingham’s experience leading the senior and Student Government classes will help her in continuing to make a difference in future years.

“In my lifetime, I hope to be able to help as many people as possible, and encourage everyone to be the best that they can be,” Cottingham said.

“I’m hoping I can leave an impact that will help better people’s lives.”

Megan Burmaster, Junior Class President

One of every high school’s biggest events is prom. Junior Class president Megan Burmaster has already managed to plan and organize the entire week, and works every day with the rest of the junior class, running meetings and supporting all of the student officers.

“When I was in eighth grade, I was empowered to make a difference,” Burmaster said. “I wanted to help create a family that lasts forever.”

Before winning the presidency, Burmaster had experience as freshman secretary and class treasurer.

“I had some very high hopes for what this class would be and I wanted a part in changing it for the better,” Burmaster said. “I wanted to have a part in making Legend an amazing and welcoming school.”

The junior class is responsible for Prom week. “We got prom planned and set in record time and are set for smooth sailing for the rest of the year,” Burmaster said.

In addition to her responsibilities as president, Burmaster is involved in numerous activities.

“My freshman year I played volleyball and was head captain; since then, I have played club volleyball and worked through the club as a coach on girls and boys 8-13 and as a referee,” Burmaster said.

She is a member of the choir program, has participated in theater, and is a peer counselor.

“I love to read, work out, and play volleyball whenever [possible].”

Burmaster loves passing on volleyball to the students she has coached.

Burmaster’s dream job would be a criminal behavior analyst, although her “plans for college are still up in the air.”

“I hope one day I will grow up to be half the woman my mother is and have the relationship I have with my mother with my kids,”  Burmaster said. “I want to inspire them to have the biggest of dreams, just like my mother inspired me!”

“Everyone should experience as much as they can in their high school years,” Burmaster said. “We only get to go around once!”

Anna Ceravolo, Sophomore Class President

As sophomore class president, Anna Ceravolo has already faced one of Student Government’s greatest challenges: Homecoming week.

“I really wanted to make a difference in the school,” Ceravolo said. “I thought that I could help make our class the best.”

While campaigning for office, Ceravolo made a video and put up posters. She also advertised her campaign as much as she could.

“So far, this homecoming was the most attended homecoming, and we also raised the most money for Natalie,” Ceravolo said.

Ceravolo was also attempting to establish a sophomore class service day. “It would be kind of like a big field trip for the sophomores where you can go to a non-profit organization and volunteer there,” she said. “I’m hoping that will work out.”

Outside of organizing Homecoming events and running sophomore class meetings, Ceravolo also runs cross country and track.

“I’m really involved with Campus Life at Legend, and then I go to youth group,” Ceravolo said. “I also volunteer at Make-a-Wish.”

She has expanded her work abroad, working with kids in China.

“I did a toy drive for an orphanage [there]. I used to live in China and I still go back there every once in a while, every year or so,” Ceravolo said. “I help them by bringing back toys for the kids.”

Ceravolo encourages other students to “try out a lot of different things.”

“If you try new things, you can meet new people and make new friends, and have lots of fun even when you don’t expect to.”

Ceravolo knows she wants to attend a college in Colorado, as long as she can continue making an impact.

“I want to make a difference,” Ceravolo said. “When I lived in China I really felt like I needed to help people, and I really connected with that.”

Ceravolo’s experience as president has inspired her to make that difference.

“I just wanted to help make the school better.”

“No matter how big or small, I will strive to impact someone’s life in some way.”

Luke Lyman, Freshman Class President

Although only a freshman, Luke Lyman has already become one of Legend’s top leaders. His involvement with Student Government has expanded to include his role as freshman class president.

“My brother graduated last year and he told me his biggest regret in all of high school was not getting involved enough and he thought that Student Government would be a really good way to help me adjust and make the transition easier,” Lyman said.

Each of the 10 freshman in the Student Government class was required to run for a position.

“I like leadership opportunities and getting involved as much as I can,” Lyman said. “[We] had to make a campaign poster and propose a platform to communicate to the rest of the class in a speech.”

One of Lyman’s biggest challenges is planning Sadie Hawkins week. He is responsible for overseeing each of the committees in charge of a specific event or part of the dance.

“The hardest part is getting everyone to work together, and it can be difficult to represent everyone because there are so many different ideas,” Lyman said.

Outside of his duties as president, Lyman plays tennis as well as the guitar, piano, and ukulele. He also plays sports with his family and watches a lot of racing.

“My dream job would be an automotive designer or have my own car company,” Lyman said. He would also consider attending school for journalism, as he enjoys writing and reading.

Lyman’s may run for future political office. “I think it would be really cool to run for any sort of political scene, even town council or mayor. I want to at least just run,” he said.

“Winning the presidency was difficult and took a lot of effort,” Lyman said. “[All of the officers] do [their] best to represent the Freshman Class.”

Lyman offers similar advice for all students.

“When we were told that all the freshmen would have to run for something, I was really hesitant to run for president because I was nervous and didn’t think I would win. If you just put yourself out there and put all you effort into it, you’ll succeed and your high school experience will be more enjoyable.”

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