Size, beauty of famous landmark awes tourist

By Emma Polzer

Beautiful. Extraordinary. Amazing.

These are all words that, sophomore Rachael Cooper used to describe her first time seeing Niagara Falls.

At 167 feet tall, Niagara falls is the tallest waterfall in North America and what most would call “breath taking”. Over the summer, Rachael got to see the falls for herself and agreed that it really did take her breath away.

Rachael had always been interested in Niagara Falls and had heard a lot about it, so she was really excited about her visit.

Seeing any world reknowned landmark is an amazing sight, but this was “a different kind of beautiful,” said Rachael.

She had seen the ocean many times before but seeing the falls was more exciting for Rachael. “It was amazing! It was so cool how something is just formed like that. It was kinda shaped like a giant horse shoe,” said Rachael.

At the bottom of the Falls, visitors can take a boat tour which Rachael said was her favorite part. “It was like you were a part of everything that’s going on,” said Rachael.

She was visiting her aunt in Canada and her family decided to go see the falls. “It was really special to see [the Falls] with my family, all we could do was talk about how beautiful it was,” said Rachael.

Rachael had lived in Florida before moving to Colorado and said she “had never seen anything so beautiful” before. “I’d never seen anything like it, there’s nothing I could even compare it to,” said Rachael.

Standing atop the Falls, it was “chilly from the mist hitting us and really loud from all the water falling,” said Rachael.


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