Preview of Wish Week 2K14

By Aubree Clark

This year's shirt for Wish Week.
This year’s shirt for Wish Week.

Wish Week officially begins on Tuesday, Feb. 18, with a few differences from past years. Instead of the Sadie Hawkins dance being after Wish Week, this year Sadies kicked it all off.

Sadies occurred Saturday, Feb. 15 with a “Surfin Sadies” theme. The dance was originally scheduled for Jan. 25, but on Jan. 16 Student Government officers announced that it would be moved to Feb. 22 to coincide with the already scheduled Wish Week. Then due to scheduling conflicts on the 22nd, such as the musical, Feb. 15 was chosen. Many students were upset about this change, since it fell on a four day weekend.

However, people were still able to go and have fun. “It was really fun. There were not a lot of people there, but the decorations and the DJ were better than I thought they would be,” said sophomore Kaylee Clark.

Because of all the changes, many people did not know what to expect. “I had a lot of fun, but because of the changed dates, there were not a lot of people there. They shouldn’t have changed the dates in the first place. They need to plan better and make sure [the dance] doesn’t fall on a date where there are a bunch of sports activities going on,” said sophomore Kellie Davis.

Even though Sadies had a low attendance, Student Government plans for more involvement in its Make-a-Wish campaign. To support this year’s Wish Week child, Student Government has planned many money-raising events.

“This year we are supporting a little girl name Lexi, and her wish is to go to Disney World,” said junior Paige Westerheid, a member of Student Government. “Lexi Beller has cystic fibrosis and has always wanted to go to Disney World, so Legend High School is making her wish come true.”

People can see Lexi’s campaign all over school with the slogan: “Love 4 Lexi”. “Our goal is $30,000, but hopefully we will exceed it!” Westerheid said.

In order to make Lexi’s wish come true, Student Government has created many event to get people to donate. “We have a pie in the face, dunk tank, and a bidding war for teachers to shave their head. Also we have a ton of miracle minutes and T-shirts!” said Westerheid.

“Ms. Gottschalk, Ms. Shirk, and Mr. Coit are doing the dunk tank while Mr. Rider, Mr. Wold, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Mohr, Ms. Gossel, Ms. Gregston, Mr. Fellers and one more are doing the pie in the face. Also Mr. Ivey, Mr. Desbois, and Mr. Cordova are doing the shaved head bidding war. I can not wait!” said Westerheid.

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