Denver band to release anticipated album

By Bethany Eveleth

The Fray's album, Helios, that will be released Feb. 25.
The Fray’s album, Helios, that will be released Feb. 25.

Denver-based band, The Fray, best known for songs such as “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and “You Found Me”, is releasing a new album on Feb. 25. The quartet, formed in 2002, rose to success in 2006 with their first album How to Save a Life and have released six albums since then.

Their latest album entitled Helios will hit stores and iTunes on Feb. 25, but is already available for preview and pre-order on iTunes. The album will include the band’s new  single, “Love Don’t Die” which was featured on a video released by the city of Denver after the Broncos’ Super Bowl loss,  thanking the team for a great season.

As a whole, the album carries on the Fray’s iconic sound–the mix of piano and other band sounds to create the perfect balance that is the very different, uplifting band sound. Lead singer, Isaac Slade’s strong falsetto voice carries meaning and emotion throughout every song featured on the album.

After streaming the album, I found myself  wanting to go back and listen to several of the songs again and again. Though the band’s classic sound is evident, the new songs have a fresh take and provide enough difference from previous works to keep the listener interested, though not shell-shocked.

The album offers a variety of tempos and sounds. Song, “Give it Away”, features an upbeat tempo, relying on electronic sounds, as well as guitar. The song resembles something one could expect to hear from Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5. Utilizing the strength of Slade’s falsetto and strength of the band, they create a song that gets you tapping your fingers and bobbing your head to the beat.

Contrasting to “Give it Away” is song “Break Your Plans”, featuring a softer sound, and relying more heavily on Slade’s piano skills. The song is a ballad of Slade asking for someone (a presumed lover or ex of some sort), to break plans for him, though there are no guarantees in life.

As a long-time fan, and loyal listener, owning every released CD, I must give the band a round of applause. They nailed it. Managing to maintain their beloved sound, but with fresh ideas and additions, Helios, is a must-download for old and new fans alike. And anyone not sure must take the opportunity iTunes offers with first-play, available until the album’s release.

The band will be playing in Denver on Feb. 22 at Twist and Shout at 6pm, which does still have space. Visit their website: for more information on the band, upcoming shows, or any of their CDs.


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