Moodle: Help or Hurt?

By Prisca To

moodleAs time goes on our technology gets more and more advanced. We have evolved from the iPhone to the iPhone 5c and Galaxy Note. As our technology evolves, our classrooms naturally evolve as well. At Legend High school we have advanced from textbooks to iPads and laptops. While some may see this as a positive, I see it more as a negative.

Moodle is the main resource used by students at Legend but the website has bugs or crashes more often than we would like. I have heard countless stories about how they couldn’t do their homework due to the fact that Moodle wasn’t working. There is an assumption that technology makes learning easier because teachers can post the work online. However, there was value in the traditional textbook. Athletes have games and practices that can go late, so when there is free time we had the opportunity to do a couple math problems during this time.

Legend is one of the few schools that actually use Moodle, and rightfully so. The maintenance of the website alone is very arduous. Teachers have the opportunity to utilize Moodle, but not all of them do. Technology can be beneficial to learning because we can bring in different sources. At the same time studies have shown that technology has decreased our attention span and our obsession with technology is almost unhealthy.

I think that like every idea, there are positives and negatives to the use of technology. With smart phones we are able to communicate in seconds. At the same time our dependence on technology can also be unhealthy. When Moodle crashes, textbooks seem ideal and reliable. It all depends on one’s perspective.

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