Spirit Week brings change

Teachers Scott DeBois, Jordan Ivey, and senior Eric Smith pose in their golfer wear Feb. 13. Photo by Emma Jones.

By Catherine Liggett

Excitement – one word that can easily be used to describe Legend’s traditional Sadies Spirit Week.  Several students believe this custom may be facing danger this year due to recent, new alterations.

Rather than host Spirit Week at its regular pre-dance time period, Legend will postpone the dress-up dates until after Sadies in order to create more enthusiasm for Wish Week.

Freshman and Student Government member, Tara Higgins, claims the last minute change was because “every other year Sadies and Wish Week have been shared.  With the absence of Sadies there will be more focus for Wish Week, therefore giving people more reason to participate,” said Higgins.

Sophomore Lesley Chavez believes the suspended Spirit Week will be problematic for students solely because “they’re not excited anymore.  I feel like people won’t participate,” said Chavez.

Sophomore Alex Berry opposes this opinion.  “It is spirit week, and knowing the Legend atmosphere, people will still be stoked to dress up and show their school spirit.  I know I will!” said Berry.

Berry thinks the delayed Spirit Week “won’t be as exciting as it was during Sadies week, but it will still be pretty exciting.  No matter what, people will still be hyped to show their school spirit,” said Berry.

While opinions on the level of enthusiasm for the new Spirit Week may differ, both Chavez and Berry agree the postponed event will create more excitement and revenue for Legend’s Wish Week child, Lexi.

“This year there are lots of ways to donate and much more going on than originally planned,” said Higgins.

According to Chavez, “people love Spirit Week.  They love their school and have pride in supporting it,” said Chavez.

Even despite the confusion due to last minute alterations, “during Spirit Week we are very hyped and this level of energy will translate into Wish Week,” said Berry.

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