So who’s the experienced driver?



By Rachel Pearson

To be able to say that student drivers, who are fairly inexperienced, are better at parking than their teachers, who have been driving for several years, is a rare opportunity that comes once in a blue moon. And yet this winter, it is a phrase that many students have uttered.

Not many students were excited about the new assigned parking policy, but it has helped quite a bit with many of the parking problems from last year. Last year, students didn’t know where to park when it snowed, so they were parking in the drop off lanes and trapping other cars in a triple parking nightmare. This year, students know the general area of their parking space, so everyone is parking in more or less neat little rows that are close to the parking lines.

The same cannot be said of the teachers. When the snow comes, cars are parked haphazardly in the parking lot, sometimes not even touching the lines. Even when the ground is dry, cars are sometimes parked in two spaces or just hung off the end of a row where there are no spaces.

Every teacher has a parking pass with a number on it, but the numbers do not correspond to any assigned space. They are forced to fight over the best spaces with other teachers and any visitors who come to Legend.

The new parking policy may have its problems, but it certainly does have benefits. Why not create a similar policy for the teachers? It helped students with the winter parking issues, so maybe it can help the teachers.

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