Students addicted to Flappy Birds

By Catherine Liggett

Tap, tap, tap.  This is the distinct sound of fingers playing the newly released mobile game, Flappy Birds.  Addictive and time-consuming, Flappy Birds has taken control of more than one Legend gamer’s’ life.

Flappy-obsessed players believe the game is “all about becoming better whenever you die.  You want to brag about your score to your friends,” said sophomore Josh Miller.  Although Miller jokingly claims to “have no friends.”

Sophomore David Anderson also agrees with Miller and feels, “Flappy Birds is all about the drive to beat your friends’ high score,” said Anderson.

Due to the addictiveness of the game, many find “it is a struggle to fight the urge to play – just like any other addiction.  I would not know how to deal with life without this game because Flappy Birds brings happiness to my life,” said Miller.

The removal of Flappy Birds off the market has caused major mayhem for those who were unable to upload the app before its removal.  Opinions and theories over the reason for the elimination of the popular game vary.

According to Miller, “too many people were complaining that Flappy Birds was taking over their life.  Clearly, Flappy Birds has taken over my life, which is why I am better than everyone else in the world.  I will have you know, I am in the top 1 percent,” said Miller.

Whether true or not, Anderson believes the reason is much darker and actually due to the fact that “someone killed their brother over it,” said Anderson.

With the expulsion of the app, numerous knock-off games have been created.  However, as stated by Miller, there is no comparison to the initial game.  “None of them are as good or fun as the original because Flappy Birds was the first,” said Miller.ONLINE PHOTO

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