Wish Week Wrap-Up

Lexie accepts the money from Legend's Wish Week at the assembly on Friday the 14th.

By Doann Tran

After a week filled with much joy and anticipation for this year’s Make-A-Wish child Lexie, Legend’s students and staff all collaborated and raised over $7,000 for her.

Lexie’s wish, as we all know, was to attend Disneyland with her family. Through multiple events, such as the Miracle Minutes and Girls and Boys’ basketball games to selling breakfast burritos and T-shirts everyday, our school was able to work together to accomplish a common goal-to make Lexie’s wish come true.

That’s not even the end of it. Four of Legend’s very own teachers decided they wanted to push themselves further and do something memorable for the years to follow. On Feb. 20, during 1st lunch, teachers Michael Cordova and Darren Withey competed in a “Shave-Off” to see who could raise more money for the other person to shave off all their hair. In the end, Withey raised more money and Cordova was left with a shiny, bald head.

During 2nd lunch, it was head on head with teachers Scott DesBois and Jordan Ivey. Ivey took the lead with more donations, and DesBois was left styling a freshly cut mullet. In both lunches, the teachers raised $493 to add to the overall total.

Students Drew Hombach and Marcus Mustillo went above and beyond for Lexie’s wish. From each, they cashed out $125 from their own savings and donated it all for the cause.

Since the money was turned into pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, 3rd hour’s Spanish 1 class had a great time counting it all during their activity. In the end, they raised $490 in one class alone.

Not to mention, the school also hosted a putt-putt competition and a dodgeball competition to get more people involved, which was a success.

Throughout the week and multitude of events, everyone came together to do a good deed by making a little girl’s wish come true. The wish certainly came true, and Lexie couldn’t be more thrilled to have all of this support and optimism.

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