Legend’s Rumor Mill

By: Nate Loibl

Legend High School has been subject to the rumor mill lately with a couple of “twitter-worthy” rumors that started up some brutal hashtags and tweets.

Rumor 1: Legend is going to start giving wristbands to students at school dances to stop the inappropriate dancing. This rumor started trending “#BoycottSadies” on twitter. Students got upset because some would say that not being able to “dance” with your date would take the fun out of the school dances.

“That is why people go to the dances,” junior Josh Collins said.

But no need to fear, grinding enthusiasts, this rumor is nothing more than the title we give it, a rumor. Legend has not completely turned into a public Regis Jesuit; a couple more changes are still necessary before we become a more principled school. Maybe we should put the boys in the E-Pod and the girls in the D-Pod, that would help bring Legend closer to its rival high school and its well-groomed ways. But, to say the least, that too, would cause quite an uproar on Twitter with the students of Legend.

Rumor 2: The Administration will be banning leggings and yoga pants from being worn at the school. This rumor comes on the heels of an uproar over the “no showing shoulders” rule that began to be enforced this past school year.

This change in wardrobe is, to say the least, affecting both guys and girls. It’s needless to say that most girls wear yoga pants and leggings at least once a day when they feel like “scrubbing.” Yoga pants and leggings can be found in almost every girl’s wardrobe and around this time of the year, you can’t walk through the halls without seeing a girl wearing a pair.

And a ban on yoga pants affects the guys at Legend, as well. I think you can figure out why, especially if you are going to school at Legend where Douglas County has helped us realize the “world-class outcomes.”

But like every other rumor, these are just the typical high school rumors that spread around the school for a day or two, start some drama on Twitter, and then putter out and get thrown deep down into an abyss where all rumors go to die. I’m sure another one will spark soon and will leave these ones in the dust.

The truth of the matter is that the digital age that we all live in today spreads rumors like wildfire. Who knew if they were real or not, but in the world we live in, if it’s on Twitter, it’s true. Our generation needs to learn to check the facts before tweeting or posting about what they heard. Rumors will always be around, but what we can change is how quickly we allow them to spread and whether we check the validity of the rumor before assuming it to be true.

Let’s just keep the popcorn ready if even one of these two rumors does become fact.

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