Rumors Affect Sadie Hawkins Dance

Newspaper CaptureBy Tara Higgins

This year’s Sadie Hawkins was tainted with a threat against the dance and a rumor against “dirty dancing.”

With several schools already enforcing new measures against inappropriate dancing, Legend is one of the very few that does not.

But this didn’t stop a rumor from spreading that students attending the Sadies dance would have to wear wristbands, and if caught dancing inappropriately, their wristbands would be cut off and those students would be forced to leave the dance.

Assistant Principal Mari Farley said that there was no truth behind this rumor, and there was never any intention to tag students for inappropriate dancing.

Junior Josh Collins was just one of several students who tweeted #boycottsadies in an effort to discourage attendance at the dance. Collins saw the tag on Twitter before spreading the message.

Sophomore and Student Government student Aubree Clark said that Sadies attendance this year was incredibly low compared to what it was last year. The goal for ticket sales for Sadies is usually at least half what it is for Homecoming.

This year’s Homecoming was attended by over 800 students, while only a little over 300 students attended the Surfin’ Sadies dance.

The dance was originally scheduled for Jan. 25, then was changed to Feb. 22 to correspond with Wish Week. In order to avoid hosting Sadies on the same night as the school musical, the dance was finally scheduled for Feb. 15, kicking off Spirit Week and all of the Wish Week events.

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