Another Classic Romance


By Laura Babb

When people think the “Notebook” what instantly comes to mind is the heartbreaking, but inspiring story of a forbidden love. “The Notebook” became a romantic movie classic and remains one of the most popular romance movies. When I saw the trailer for “Endless Love” I couldn’t help but see major similarities between both movies.  I was curious to see what theovie was like after seeing the trailer.

The movie is about two high school graduates who come from different worlds. Jade Butterfield, played by Gabriella Wilde,(The Three Musketeers), is a wealthy and shy teen who has a bright future ahead of her. David Elliot, played by Alex Pettyfer,(Beastly) comes from an underprivileged world and works at the local car shop. Both talk for the first time when Jade and her family stop at an upscale restaurant after graduation. David works as a valet at the restaurant and him and Jade share a special moment when they bump into each other. After this moment the two fall in love and spend a majority of the summer together. The couple begins to face problems during their summer love and must make decisions that will have huge impacts on their lives.

The similarities were remarkable though. In both movies the main characters were rich, privileged girls with many opportunities. The men in the movies came from poor backgrounds and grew up with only fathers. They meet over the summer, fall in love, and face obstacles. The dads of these wealthy girls aren’t happy with the relationships and they try to split the young teen couples. I would recommend seeing “Endless Love”. “Endless Love” wasn’t better than “The Notebook” but it was a good movie. The plot was well written,had shocking surprises, and intense moments. The cast had great chemistry and the movie is a tear jerker. This movie is perfect to see with any loved one  and makes you appreciate the important people in your life!

The movie is still in theaters and is rated PG-13. It received a 6.2 out of ten rating from IMDB.

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