A Girl with Many Talents

By Aubree Clark

Brooke Arnold, Jacqie Rino, and Lizzy Higgins perform a dance number at Legend's rendition of "Once Upon a Mattress"
Brooke Arnold, Jacqie Rino, and Lizzy Higgins perform a dance number at Legend’s rendition of “Once Upon a Mattress”

Ever since sophomore Brooke Arnold was in elementary school, she knew theater was always her passion. “I tried other things like sports and stuff, but theatre is what always stuck with me,” Arnold said.

During her high school experience, Arnold has continued on her theatre path. “I have been in every single production since I’ve been a freshman,” said Arnold. Freshman year begun with “39 Steps”, “Crazy for You’, “You Can’t Take it with You”, and the most recent one “Once Upon a Mattress”.

With the combinations of musicals and plays, Arnold has seen it all. “I don’t have a preference of plays over musicals  they’re both equally fun but different. Musicals focus on singing while plays focus on acting,” said Arnold.

“My favorite production was ‘The 39 Steps’ because the cast was so small and everyone got really close and everyone was all professional,” Arnold said. “It was also my favorite because I got to play a sheep and I had to pretend I was getting hit by a car so I made the Jenna Marbles face to the audience it was amazing.”

Throughout all productions Arnold “always walks away from each production with something new.”

According to Arnold, theatre has helped shape her life as “theatre shows you a different perspective of life and being able to see these perspectives makes [theatre kids] more accepting. In theatre I have true friends and I think theatre makes you experience more life in a short amount of time than anywhere else.”


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