Non-Stop: First Class to Boredom

Liam Neeson texting the anonymous killer
Liam Neeson texting the anonymous killer

By: Prisca To

What do you get when you put Liam Neeson, Lupita Nyong’o, and an anonymous killer on an airplane? The movie Non-Stop, which came out Feb. 28, 2014 created a lot of anticipation and buzz. The preview shows intense action, mystery, and suspense. However, once the movie starts, all expectations leave.

The movie starts off with Liam Neeson as Bill Marks, who has a blatant drinking problem but seems to be a major part of the airline. Fast forward a bit, and everyone is seated on the plane, ready for take off. Neeson sends a text message to his superior saying everything is okay. After takeoff, an ominous text is sent to his phone. The text basically threatened to kill someone every 20 minutes if they didn’t receive their requested money amount.

Neeson gets concerned, and worries about the safety of the passengers on the plane. He continues to text the unknown killer, sets the time on his watch. His identity is revealed as an air marshall when we contacts a fellow marshall on the same flight. They two marshalls end up arguing and Neeson ends up killing the marshall, a secret drug dealer. As soon as he dies, his phone beeps that 20 minutes is up.

Neeson realizes this is a real threat, and goes through extreme measures and recuits people to help him catch the killer. Passengers are not happy with this demands, and Neeson’s boss tells him to stop. However, he doesn’t and ends up being falsely portrayed as the killer and the man holding everyone hostage.

While the story line is a great idea, the pace was too slow and I lost interest quickly. If you’re looking for a thriller that sends your heart race, then Non-Stop isn’t the movie for you.

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