Legend Math teacher Michael Cordova shoots hoops at Denver Nuggets Game (video clip)

By Mikayla Roberts 

It’s a Denver Nuggets fan’s dream to step out onto the court and shoot hoops to win free gear and tickets. And for math teacher Michael Cordova that opportunity came his way March 31, 2014. “It was right place and right time, a PR for the Nuggets came up to me and asked me if I wanted to give it a shot and come onto the court to make some baskets,” said Cordova.

“I had to make a lay up, a free throw, three-point shot and a half-court shot all in 30 seconds,” said Cordova. “ I made the lay-up and free throw but couldn’t make the three-point shot.”

Cordova made the shots in front of 10,000 Nuggets and Memphis Grizzly fans as well as his son. “I was nervous because I am the worst player at morning teacher basketball,” said Cordova.

So what does someone receive when they make a lay-up and free throw?

“I won a Nuggets jacket, shirt and cooler for the layup. As for the free throw I won courtside tickets for the next upcoming Nuggets game,” said Cordova.

Coincidentally Cordova wasn’t the only teacher from Legend that was at the game that night, but Eli Moore Legends guitar teacher and girls basketball coach, happened to be in the stands as well.

“I took my son to his first NBA game and I yelled at my kid, “That’s Michael Cordova, a Legend teacher!” My son and I started screaming and cheering for him as loud as we could. People around us were wondering what in the world we were doing,” said Moore.

“Yes, I wanted him to make the shots and he did the first two. I was nervous for him because Oprah Winfrey is more accurate.”


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