¡Feliz cinco de mayo!

By Laura Babb

Cinco de Mayo was May 5 and was celebrated with much glee. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating the unlikely Mexican victory at the battle of Puebla. “France had taken over all of Spain’s territory. Mexico being one of them,”said Spanish teacher Sue Doyle.

The Mexican people were sick of being controlled by France and Spain. Little towns and villages across Mexico decided to band together to conquer back their land and freedom. “They didn’t have guns or swords, their weapons were materials that you would use to till the land with,” said Doyle.

The battle of Puebla was a battle that united the Mexican people and showed that they could no longer be taken of advantage of. Mexicos independence day is September 16th when French and Spanish rule was finally rid of in Mexico.

In Denver, each year, a Cinco de Mayo festival is held to celebrate the holiday. In Mrs. Doyle’s spanish class they also celebrated. “We are making Mexican food using a grinding stone to make corn tortillas.” said Doyle.

Her class also made “Papel Picado.” This a craft where decorative designs are cut on paper. This fun craft played a big role during the battles. “They would make their own messages in the paper to communicate with each other”, said Doyle.

Jennifer Hier’s and Anne Roberts’ language classes are also celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The level three French and level three Spanish classes participated by playing a soccer game, the French v. Mexicans, to reenact the battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that celebrates the unity of the Mexican people. Not to mention–the food is great.


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