Bring in the new Principal

By Mikayla Roberts

A few weeks ago Legend was shocked with the news that Mr. Wise, who has been the principal of Legend High School since opening day, is stepping down and moving on to higher goals and a higher job in the Douglas County School District. Mr. Wise was offered the position of  ‘Director of 21st century Learn and Leadership for Douglas County Schools’ for the High School Level.

Now the question that is being whispered among the hallways and students is “Who will be our new principal? How will Legend choose a new one? And when will the school be notified about it?” The process for a new principal is very complex and very long. So far “We have had staff listening sessions where the staff of Legend gave their thoughts on what they wanted a new principal to look like,” said Mr. Wise’s secretary Mrs. Prutch. “Not only that but a survey was sent out to the Students,Staff, and the Parents in the Community, so they can put in their thoughts on what they want a principal to look like.”

There has been floods of nominations as to who will be principal from Legend itself and from outside Legend. Mr. Jacob, Mrs. Farley, Mr. Simmington, as well as Mr. Winsor are all nominated as potential candidate for Principal. Each candidate gets interviewed on what they will be like a principal and bring to Legend. As well as being observed on a typical work day to see how they interact within their job and with people. “Once they narrow down then the choices will go down to Mr. Dan McMinimee who is the Assistant Superintendent Secondary Education, Mr. McMinimee then talks with the candidates and the final decision is decided by Dr. Fagan,” said Mrs. Prutch.

More information will be distributed to the public and the school hopes to have a final decision on who gets the position from now till May 19.

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