Legend Library to start Summer Reading Program

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.47.18 PMBy Lindsay Baumgartner

Chances are that if you are a Legend student, you have been to the library, or at least know what a library is. Contrary to popular belief, the Legend library is not only for getting on the computer or whispering to your friends; it is also for reading. And that is exactly the goal of the Legend Summer Reading Program–reading.

“The Summer Reading Program is an event created to get kids to read for pleasure over the summer and it will be both Legend’s and Chaparral’s first time participating in the program,” said Carrie Denman, Legend’s future school librarian.

But the program is not only to get kids to do their summer reading for their english classes.

“Mr. Larson, the Chaparral librarian, decided they were going to do it and asked if we would like to piggy-back on the idea,” said Denman, “it’s important that students don’t lose ground in their reading, and studies have shown that any kind of reading is beneficial.”

Getting involved in the program is stress-free.

“All of the specific information is on the Legend library website. Students read a book, fill out the form on the website (details about the book, rating, why the Legend library should have it, etc.), and submit it between June 1 and Aug. 1,” said Denman.

The program will not just be for fun though,

“There is a contest involved,” said Denman, “some categories will be: who read the longest book, who read the most books, who had the best review, and some other surprise categories. Prizes are still being discussed but will probably be gift cards to various places.”

Although the program is a trial-run, Legend hopes to continue it for years to come.

“Hopefully we’ll figure out the kinks, and if we don’t get a lot of participation we’ll just figure out a way to get more. Even if the program only gets one kid reading more than they would have I would call it a success,” said Denman.

The program is designed not to just better the Legend library, but give students a tool as well.

“Programs like this help kids set goals, and it helps people in general be more motivated to get things done,” said Denman, “the program provides a platform for kids to talk about books they have read, and kids who are readers like to have a chance to share what they’re reading.”

Hopefully the program will get kids to read over the summer.

“I think that there is just so much other media that it’s easy to spend hours on the internet or on Netflix instead of picking up a book. There are still kids who love to read though, and this program is for them,” said Denman.

Make sure to look for posters advertising the program soon.


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