Students Shop Around at Titan Mall

By Doann Tran

Students sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts at the first ever Titan Mall. Photo by Doann Tran
Students sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts at the first ever Titan Mall. Photo by Doann Tran


Shopping at Park Meadows? Eh. Shopping at school? Wait, what? Well, you heard it. Legend launched its first “Titan Mall” on Friday May 16 during 4th hour with over 13 different businesses and booths overall. Some of the booths that stood were custom phone case designs, tutoring help, keychains, a candy buffet bar, and even doughnut stands, including Krispy Kreme and Voodoo doughnuts.

Social studies teacher Karen Johnson teaches the economic class that students participated in for the first ever Titan Mall. Over the past semester, students had to choose a product, calculate costs, create their booths, as well as plan their sales when the day finally came.

“My kids learned a great deal about what works (and what doesn’t work) in the business world. It was kind of eye opening in a way, as it offered a real-world setting,” Johnson said.

To determine their product idea, students did a series of product surveys to decide things like demand, supply, and pricing. It was a long process in the beginning to actually contemplate possible product ideas, but in the end, proved to be successful amongst the school.

“I felt that is was very successful. A huge portion of the student population turned out, thanks to the support from the staff,” Johnson said.

Students had to front any costs themselves and then try to make that cost back while also generating a profit. Many students received donations from places, such as Starbucks, Little Ricci’s, and Voodoo doughnuts offered a great discount.

When recent tragic events struck, both of Johnson’s economic classes decided that they wanted all profits to go towards Chase Brink, a Legend Sophomore who passed away too quickly. Overall, vendors from all the businesses and booths raised $1,200 for Chase’s family.

For next year’s plan, Johnson wants to do it again because she would “like [it] to be a fall and spring event for [her] Economics sections.”


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