2014-2015 Poms tryouts yield 31 new members

By Tara Higgins

One of Legend’s most involved and competitive sports is Poms. After Poms tryouts, which were held on April 29 through May 3, Legend will see 31 new members take center stage in the 2014-2015 school year.

“We were very happy with the turnout that we had for tryouts and are extremely excited for this new year,” said Varsity Assistant Coach Kenzie McManus.

“We have a lovely bunch of girls and can’t wait to get started working with them.”

The Poms teams will be heading to camp in June, which McManus believes “is one of the most fun events that we do during our season.”

“It is the first time that all the girls have the opportunity to get to know one another and bond as a team and as a program,” McManus said.

Here is a list of the 2014-2015 Varsity and Junior Varsity Poms teams:


Hannah Arnoldi JR
Ashley Badovinac FR
Julia Getchell SO
Mackenzie Kirschner SR
Mikayla Lui FR
Mandy Martin JR
Melanie Miller SO
Alexis Oswald FR
Rachel Queen FR
Mikalyn Shonrock JR
Amanda Sprague JR
Kayla Steele SO
Savannah Wales JR
Macey Weed SO


Junior Varsity:

Payton Caldarella JR
Ali Colwell FR
Amy Elkin SO
Amara Faison SO
Meghan Gregston FR
Rachel Guerra SO
Alexis Houseman SO
Emma Jones FR
Rachel Key FR
Taylor LaKomy FR
Natalia Lopez SO
Daniela Martinez SO
Hannah Muldoon SO
Elizabeth Provines FR
Maria Stevenson FR
Lauren Wilkerson SO
Sadie Williams FR

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