He Said… She Said

By Emma Jones

Are we really all that different from eachother. We might look different. But our outlooks on our social lives are pretty similar. We see this especially when it comes to relationships, so to find these differences a set of ten questions were asked to a couple of guys and a few girls.

What is your definition of clinginess?

Clinginess is when a guy or a girl, doesn’t leave the other person alone. They are always on the other persons back and there is no space between them. Sophomore Josh Bergford at Legend says, “It’s like when a girl can never stop texting, always has to talk to you when she sees you, she has to sit by you when you are in the same room.”

Even freshman Grant Mower says, “That would be someone who you are not in a relationship with but they are always checking up on you. And won’t let you have personal space.”

What is your opinion on paying for a date?

For most guys and girls, paying for a date should be in the guys hands. But for some guys like junior Kyle Cox, he says,“If the guy asks the girl he should pay. But if you are further into the relationship it’s okay to split the bill.”

Even some girls including senior Hannah Ross says, “I think the guy should pay for the first date, but then when they start dating the guy should always offer, but the girl should help out.”

What is your opinion on a girl/guy asking you on a date?

This question can be awkward for some people to answer. It’s chivalry for a guy to ask a girl on a date. But in todays world, a lot of woman go for what they want. But for some people including Ross says, “A guy should definitely ask for the first and second date then the girl needs too.”

But in other cases like Bergford says, “OH awkward that’s totally awkward a guy should ask a girl on a date or it’s just weird”

But there are some guys including Cox that say, “If I like her then its okay.”

What’s your opinion on PDA?

Public Display of Affection. Everyone has their own opinion on what it means. For some it means there needs to be boundaries. But for others they put it all out there. For some students including junior Megan Cole says, “Kiss or two is good, making out is gross, so get a room.”

For a lot of us we see it in the hallways everyday even Grant says “It’s one thing to like hug and peck, but if you are making out in the hallways and you are being a road block while pushing your tongue down their throat you need to stop and go away.”

Cox says “It’s alright if it is in controlled amounts.”

What is your opinion on saying “I love you”?

“I love you,” it’s said a lot. Your parents say it to you and you say it to your best friends. Is this powerful saying being said to soon?

Cox says “I think it’s powerful and if it’s said early on it can ruin a relationship, but if you’re serious then it’s good”

Even Cole says “You really need to mean it, and you shouldn’t say it right away.”

Ross says “I mean personally I think you should wait for a while like a solid six months it takes a while to find all the flaws in a person and to really love them.”

What’s your favorite physical appearance about the opposite sex?

What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes, their smile, or even their hair. For most students eyes are their favorite physical appearance. Mower says, “Eyes and the mixture of skin.”

But Bergford says that, “Personality always comes first. Looks come second.”

What is your opinion on friend zone?

Being friendzoned sucks. You like someone and they don’t like you back. Or they just put you right into the friendzone. Cox says, “It sucks. But I like to be honest with girls, and you can’t force someone to like you.”

Most of us have friendzoned people including Bergford who says, “ooh oh yeah I friend zone people sometimes. I have never been friend zoned.”

But most of the time you just have to deal with it. Like Cole says, “If you’re friend zoned then you’re friend zoned get over it.”

Do you prefer texting or talking?

In today’s world texting is everyone’s life. We are all glued to our phones. So what is more prefered? Of course talking. Students like Cox, Ross, Cole, and Mower said they prefer to talk to someone.

Bergford says, “I prefer talking because then there is a physical interaction. Texting is stupid because it starts fights”

What do you prefer to do for a first date?

Having problems figuring out what a good first date would be? Is a movie and dinner to cliché? Mower says, “I’m not big into lets go to a movie, more like come over to my house eat pizza and watch a movie that’s when you know you have a real first date.”

Most guys prefer to doing something to get to know the girl. Including Cox, who says, “Usually something to get to know the girl, getting dessert. But it depends on the girl.”

Even girls prefer to do something that has to do with getting to know the other person. Cole says, “Something that isn’t going to be awkward and something that gives you time to talk and get to know each other.”

But in reality anything you do for a first date is going to be fun. Just make sure that you make it fun so there is something to talk about later on!

What is your opinion on when to meet the parents?

Man, parents can be scary to meet. Especially when it’s in the beginning.

Bergford says, “I feel like you should always meet their parents before anything. It gives you a good preview of who they are as a person, and a heads-up if they hate you or not.”

But you never want to keep your parents hidden. Cox says, “Pretty soon. Don’t put it off around 4 weeks”

But even if you introduce your parents too soon, it could be bad as well. Cole says, “When things start to get serious, because you don’t want your family to get attached to someone that’s not right for you.”

Maybe it isn’t all that different between guys and girls on this it seems to just vary from person to person. So before you go making out in the hallways or throw out that big “I love you” make sure you really get to know the person and don’t assume all girl or all guys think the exact same way because that obviously isn’t that case.


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