10 Places to Go This Summer

By Doann Tran

Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place to spend the summer. Photo by Steamboat Today
Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place to spend the summer. Photo by Steamboat Today


Where to go, what to do? Top 10 Summer things to do!

1. Waterworld – With the temperatures rising above 80 degrees everyday, spending a day at a waterpark to cool yourself down is the way to go! My personal favorite rides would be the “Revolution” and the “Space Bowl.”

2. Climbing the Incline – You’ve been seeing all your friends refer to it as “Satan’s Stairwell” on Instagram and Twitter, but what exactly is it? Basically, it’s a trail used for hiking that’s about 0.88 miles with steepness around 68% in some areas. A fitness challenge for many, but will YOU be the ONE to attempt it?

3. Steamboat Springs – Most people only go here during the winter, but there are tons of activities for the summer also. Some including the Alpine slide, Gondola Rides in the sky, movies on the mountain, ATV touring, rafting/kayaking, paddle boarding, and more. This is my go-to place.

4. Elitch Gardens – Well, for all the students who took Physics this year, they did not get to go on the annual field trip to Elitches. Quite a bummer, if you ask me. Summer’s the time to make up that field trip, and even go with your friends this time.

5. Parker Days – Woo! The festival has come to Parker. June 13th-15th. It’s the perfect family weekend (or with your friends) to enjoy for the day with a parade, lots of food, carnival rides, and concert stages.

6. Hiking in Garden of the Gods – With 1,300 acres of sandstone and red rocks formations, this park offers many hiking trails for all your outdoorsy desires. It’s also a  free center to the gateway to the geology, ecology and cultural history of the area through hands-on exhibits.

7. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Who can go wrong with the Zoo? The Cheyenne Zoo is one of the best zoos to attend, especially since they have meet-and-greets with the Giraffes, where you feed them little bundles of lettuce.

8. Denver Downtown Aquarium – “Under the sea… Under the sea…,” Well, not exactly, but close enough. You can’t go wrong with an underwater adventure with fish, sharks, jellyfish, and even stingrays to pet (and possibly bite off your hand).

9. Take a family trip to Seven Falls – Located in South Cheyenne Canyon, this place highlights seven separate falls as they splash and tumble 181 feet down a sheer granite cliff. Here, you can hike 2 different trails, feed the rainbow trout fish, and take the 224-step stairway to the Midnight Falls where you see an absolutely breathtaking view of Colorado itself. Whoa.

10. College Visits! – Definitely a must. Need I say more? If you’re going to be applying there, might as take some time to visit the campus to see if you actually like it there.


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